Maxime Taccardi

Let there be blood

To write a short bio, I studied art in college, my master thesis was about the monstrosity, and more especially about what is considered abnormal by common society. I'm currently an art teacher in middle school near Paris but my main goal is to keep going on art. My will and ambition is to create some sort of a Gesamtkunstwerk to quote Wagner, a total art with Synesthesia. My art consists of paintings, drawings but also short films, videos and music.

HMA: Welcome Maxime. Why blood? Do you have a symbolic as well spiritual approach to your technique?

Maxime Taccardi: To me, blood is sacred, It is a way to give some of myself in my works. My visions come from my dreams for most of the time, I try to let an open wound between reality and dreams. My Blood paintings are symbolically linked to that idea. I cut my wrists and use the brush directly on my wound like I do in this video:

It is not intended to shock people like some would think but is merely a process. The final result is as important as the way to do it, I see art as some sort of a ritual, a chat between spirits and my mortal flesh. I do recall on what philosopher Plato said about art which is the manifestation of spirits through artist bodies.

HMA: When did you realize that blood is the ultimate vehicle to your art?

MT: I would not say it is the ultimate one as I still do a lot of regular paintings but sometimes, it is legitimate in a way, it gives more sense to some of my subjects.

HMA: How is it extracted? Do you perform any personal or religious rituals?

MT: Yes indeed, I see that as a some, kind of a ritual, I don't use a needle as I want to feel it to make, me even more close to what i paint, it is like a communication between my flesh and the art. Also, there is something interesting about blood and the fact that its color slightly changes after some time, it is not drastic as you can still see it is blood but I see that as if the soul was leaving the painting. I have attached some pictures of the changed color.

HMA: Will the blood run out?

MT: Is this a symbolic question? If so, i don't think it will when you look at the world. To me art is also a way to spread a message, it is not only about aesthetics.  Most of my paintings have a metaphoric meaning, for example, one called "Cancer" is actually symbolizing the struggle my parents went through before they both died of this disease. Sometimes, it is directly linked to recent events, i did a painting about the terrorist attacks the day it happened, i know it doesn't change anything but i fell i had to do something as a mark of respect to the people who died that night and every other day when this happens in any country.

HMA: Can you expand on “to create a Gesamtkunstwerk to quote Wagner, a total art with Synesthesia”?

MT: This is actually one of my main influences, like Scriabine and his keyboard of lights which he did create for his partition Prometheus, the poem of fire in 1915. It was an attempt to mix our senses in one performance. The Keyboard was spreading light and colors when played and he also worked on a way to have olfactory properties.

There is also The manifest written by Vassily Kandinsky in which he explains his paintings were actually some kind of partitions people could translate into music pieces. A lot of artists of this era worked on that idea like Arnold Schönberg who was mainly a composer and also Piet Mondrian. Music, as a translation of my paintings into sounds, is as important as my other practices. My main project is named K.F.R which stands for kāfir (disbeliever, in Arabic), it is written on Dajjâl's forehead, the Antichrist in Islam. But I also have Saturnian Tempel, De Vermis Mysteriis, Djinn and another project more oriented in power electronics and noise called Griiim. My musical ventures are to me the absolute sound description of my paintings.


Saturnian Tempel: 

Griiim : 

De Vermiis Mysteriis: 

HMA: Does the world need more blood to realize its own downfall?

MT: We live in a world where nothing seems to really shock people anymore, they seem to be, for the most part, anesthetized. It is even more true for younger generations. Sometimes it can be a good reminder of what really happens in this world and that there is more than social media, fashion etc... That makes me think of the Viennese actionism during the 60's which consisted of some "action art". Günter Brus for example, sang the Austrian national anthem covered in his own feces and simultaneously masturbating. They used their body literally in their art to make people react.

HMA: Blood is extremely symbolic philosophically as well as in religion. Can you share any findings in culture or even a personal point of view?

MT: Blood is the symbol of life but also death once it's on the ground and besides, if I was incarcerated with nothing to paint, I could still use my blood as it a neverending source. Like i said previously, art is an act of protest against society and global order.

HMA: As well as blood do you also work in any other methods?

MT: Yes i work also with oil, acrylic, pencils and i also like sculpting.

HMA: Do you have any conscious or unconscious source of inspiration?

MT: My conscious inspiration would be the world and what happens every day in it, it is always moving me and giving me ideas of what I could do. For the later, we all have unconscious inspiration because we may see something we barely noticed in the first place that could stay in our mind and becoming something we will start to think about more. I think inspiration is a good thing, that proves people have empathy and can relate to some subjects, it can move them. My favorite artist is Francisco Goya, he managed to create some really provocative art for its time, like his disasters of war series.

HMA: I believe you are also a musician and do video and photography. Can you tell us the direction of your projects?

MT: I discussed my musical path earlier in this interview but I also do videos, I've always been attracted by the seventh art, it gives endless possibilities to tell a story or a point of view.

HMA: Why art and creativity matter?

MT: Because of all the reasons I mentioned before, art is a way to protest and make people react. If tomorrow the world goes in peace then i might have not anything to say anymore.

HMA: I believe you are French… what are your views in regards to recent terrorist attacks?

MT: It happened really close from where I leave, my subway line was shut down and I got home like 30 minutes after the beginning of the attack. We since had more and also worldwide but medias tend to only talk about what happened in western countries. This kind of nightmare happens on a daily basis in some other countries. What is going on in this world is just fucked up, religion has always been a source of violence and death since the beginning. 

Interview by Alex Milazzo - Copyright 2016 © Heavy Metal Artwork. All rights reserved.

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