Eric Philippe

Works from the imagination

After graduating from the Saint-Luc Fine Arts Institute in his hometown of Liège in 1983, Belgian artist Eric PHILIPPE went almost immediately into creating logo designs and painting airbrushed illustrations for rock bands. Passionately fond of metal music in those NWOBHM days, the artist started soon to work for bands (Killer, Ostrogoth a.o.) and records labels.

As airbrush painting was not taught at Art school, the Artist taught himself and developed his own airbrush technique. So he went on to become a freelance designer and illustrator and has been supporting himself since 1987. Detailed artworks and attractive designs make Eric’s style easily recognizable.  

His creativity brings a personalized vision for each realization. He specializes in airbrush, graphic design and illustrations mostly seen in the music business. His works have been published as records sleeves, posters, books and mags covers, picture discs, T-shirts, merchandise, packaging and company brand images. The artist works on commissioned special orders only and his designs are produced for companies and rock bands worldwide. 

Interview by Alex Milazzo - Copyright 2016 © Heavy Metal Artwork. All rights reserved.