The second installment of Heavy Music Artwork is dedicated to Folk Art. Often referred to as ‘folklore’, it depicts the traditions of our forefathers: love of and respect for the land, and guidance through communion with earthly mythological gods.

The Heavy Metal Community represents a diverse range of cultures from around the world. Our cultural identity is built in response to our environments; over time, myths and legends grow to tell tales about who we were and are as people, and how we interact with one another. Folk is the tale that unites us all – beyond religion or politics. It helps to keep us in touch with nature and our kin whilst rejecting the fast pace of the modern world and its frivolous, unhealthy, and wasteful lifestyle. Detachment from these traditions results in our abuse of nature, lacking respect for our world and empathy for our fellow man.

But in Folk we find continuity, with each successive generation passing on traditions, wisdom, values and beauty. Much inspiration can be derived from such folk heritage: in this issue, we present a small selection of the artists that keep these traditions alive through their art and music.

Featuring all exclusive interviews with Wardruna - Skuggsjá, Enslaved, Costin Chioreanu, Testament, VolBeat, Katatonia, Satyricon, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, Primordial, Mammoth Storm, Beseech, Eliran Kantor, Mark Wilkinson - Part 2 story Judas Priest & Marillion, Adam Burke, Alexander Jansson, Daniele Valeriani, Arthur Berzinsh, Travis Smith, Eliran Kantor, Gyula Havancsák, Jan Yrlund. Plus Top 10 Folk Covers, Tuska Finland, Heritage by Dayal Patterson, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

First 4 issues with the same number from number 2 till 31, signed by the author. Heavy Music Artwork Portraits hardback book, Ghost photo set, Ghost 2017 calendar, portraits mini book and t-shirt. Numbers will be allocated based on the order. Sent only via tracked mail. Plus you will receive 15% discount on Arte Divina book released Autumn 2017,  and personal invites before public announcements.