Helene Poujade

Neel’s Anatomy is a young French artist who went to Emile Cohl, a well-known art school in Lyon, France. She has an academic drawing and illustration education. Currently working as a graphist/illustrator as a freelancer, and just started developing her derived products like tshirts, bags, silkscreen printings… Getting closer to the metal music world to spread her work and style. Neel finds inspiration in religious iconography, tattoos and street art. She sees Death as esthetically beautiful and this is why it often comes back in her art. As to her technique, Neel uses Rotring, black pens and India Ink. She first draws with pencils, and go back over with ink. She uses the ‘dots’ technique so as to fill her drawings. Layers and layers of dots. Indeed a very long process that evolves through successive layers. Depending on the projects, she can mix different tools, but the coloration, even though rare, is mostly done numerically.