ANTI Religions with PRIDE

Al-Namrood were formed in 2008 by Mephisto the lead guitarist. The band is known for their Arabian melodies perfectly extreme enough for the black metal scene. Unlike any other folk black metal band from the Middle East, their music has a certain raw black metal feel reminiscent of the first wave style of black metal from the 1990s. They have not gone unnoticed having been featured on numerous major news outlets like Vice News that reported on the problems they face as a band from Saudi Arabia. Also, other newspapers like Tirto (Indonesia), Guardian (UK), Der Freitag (Germany) have taken great interest in their stories and reported on them. They lack the ability to showcase themselves in public for fear of reprisals from the Saudi government and thus have rejected numerous live show opportunities including interviews for news outlets and major metal concerts. Nothing seems to deter Al-Namrood from their mischievous and unruly activities having released two visually inspiring music videos and having just released a video for Enkar with their latest punk influenced sound full with Arabian melodies in a first wave style of black metal.

HMA: I would like to start straight to your cover artwork for ‘Enkar’. There is clearly a story or event depicted. Can you tell us what it is?

Mephisto: The artwork illustrates the insane and fatality condition of Middle East, We conceive our end like that. We don’t know when! We have no choice. We must rise the Occult name!

HMA: Also the album has single words for the songs, obviously intentional. Can you tell us what they mean and are they meant to symbolize something

Mephisto: Track Listing

1. Nabth Shout out to all oppression resistor around the world where humanity became passive and withdrawn to illustrate the political crisis in the whole Arabian peninsula and those who been Rejected from the Social Norms, Infamous, individual social classes, MISFIT, lone wolf.

2. Halak Doom which indicates to be trapped in the doomed land against the well.

3. Xenophobia Classicism, Discrimination, Racism, Slavery, Anti-Yankee Imperialism, Anti-Capitalism (Deals with the segregation between the expats and the locals especially some as nationalities are warned to not associate with locals).

4. Estibdad Tyrannizing, Despotism

5. Efsad Putrefying, Decaying. Alnamrood putrefying minds with what so called poison ideologies

6. Estinzaf Attrition (Mental war against the nation)

7. Ensaf Justice (Justice and Equity are absent qualities)

8. Egwaa: Seduction, an atmospheric theme for erotica and none-erotica pleasures in life where all these are considered taboo .

9. Ezdraa Loath and none tolerance for the oppression conservatives and other life restraints.

10. Entiqam/ Revenge (revenge is a must) (Preaching Warfare tactics)

HMA: Black Metal usually is usually associated with the strong anti-religious sentiment, does Al-Namrood share the same principles?

Mephisto: Alnamrood ANTI Religions with PRIDE

HMA: For those not in the know, how would you describe your music?

Mephisto: Mixture of both Ancient Arabian Pagan Era and Modern Political instability in the Arabian region: Blasphemous, Occultist, Black Sorcery, Anarchist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Patriotism of all forms, Anti Religions, Rebellious, Angry, Hateful, Violent, Revolution, Riot…Freedooo0oOooom

HMA: Can you tell me what these verses mean?

Mephisto: It points out to a place where we rise from, and what our message is about.

HMA: In a world ravaged by political correctness, hysterical religious cults both impeding creativity and progress. What are your thoughts in these regards?

Mephisto: Politically Incorrect is the way. We’re NOT some Hippies peace lover who seeks correctness neither cares about changing the world!

The hysterical religious cult must be destroyed. Religions are fairy tales for people who have an imaginary friend in the sky. 

Interview by Alex Milazzo - Copyright 2017 © Heavy Music Artwork. All rights reserved.

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