Johan De Jager

"From the moment I bought my first original record, the cover art and logos have been elements that have fascinated me. And do to this very day! The artwork for albums like "Holy Diver" or "Somewhere in Time" were like a window to the music contained within.  

"British Steel", "Live after Death", "Master of Puppets", "Peace sells…" and the list goes on...
Those are definitely a few of the many cover artworks that caught my attention during teenage years. Throughout school I was always scribbling Iron Maiden's Eddie and various logos all over my books and schoolbags. It became an obsession and I started doing my own designs, until there was always someone asking me to do an artwork for them. Names like Derek Riggs, Ed Repka, Dan Seagrave, Hugh Syme and Storm Thorgerson started popping up and it was interesting to see how their work became synonymous with certain music genres.

So, knowing what my favorite pastime was, made it inevitable that I wasn't going to study law or become a doctor. However, I also understood that fine art wasn't going to pay bills either. So I pursued a tertiary education in Graphic Design/Art Direction at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa. I was certain then that I would spend my time with all things design, typography and of course music.

Besides spending most of my time in the african market, applying my skills at known network agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA Hunt Lascaris, McCann, Young & Rubicam and their bigger southern African brands, I also explored my musical side as guitarist for South African metal band V.O.D. and later my own band ARCANA XXII. During my study years and the first working years I managed to be a part of several recorded and released albums for these acts respectively.  
A tour of Europe being one of the many highlights of this journey.

Over the years I continued creating music-orientated work for myself, labels, concerts or bands as a sideline. Only recently the urge to focus more deeply on this kind of art, and do it commercially, became a driving force. Especially image manipulation and using different mediums took my fancy. This style of design and artwork form the biggest part of the art exhibited on my page."