Jos A. Smith

Jos A. Smith  is an award-winning fine artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in exhibitions and, paradoxically, in many books for children and young adults. He is a tenured Professor of Fine Art at Pratt Institute in New York. His work ranges from fine art to illustration to sculpture, all of which bear his inimitable style and impossible detail. He doesn't just work from imagination; the places and figures he portrays exist in realms that are just as fascinating as they are frightening. He is a contemporary of HR Giger, and collaborated with him on concept art for an unrealized film called, “The Tourist”, which ultimately never made it to the screen.

His best-known contribution to the world of heavy metal was his involuntary inclusion on Bathory's self-titled debut. The famous “Bathory goat” was actually lifted from a book called Witches, written by Erica Jong and illustrated by Jos A. Smith. Other pieces from the book have been subsequently hijacked by other metal bands from around the world. Smith's first licensed metal entry was providing the cover and interior art for Averse Sefira's album, Advent Parallax, which was released on Candlelight Records in 2008.