Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi is an American artist in the genre of Fantastic Realism. Specializing in creating complex artistic installations, his work has been described as "a study in timelessness and intricacies, reminiscent of lost civilizations, deities and ruins – perfectly preserved." Kuksi's work has been displayed at more than 100 exhibitions worldwide, including satellite art fairs of Art Basel, Pulse (Los Angeles and Miami) and Scope (Basel and Miami), Liste Köln during the Cologne Art Fair in Germany and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in the juried show "The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition Exhibition." He has also been featured on the front covers of Philosophie and Bl!sss Magazine, and his work is owned by collectors ranging from film director Guillermo del Toro to the Ellis County Bar Association in Kansas.

Kuksi cuts and reshapes old objects, small toys, mechanical components and other parts and refashions them into works of art that bear little resemblance to the original appearance. A wide range of materials are utilized, including model parts, wood and metal. The artist describes these as 'mixed media' that are melded by "a flowing composition and visual balance." Kuksi's work often combines images in disconcerting ways, such as "Churchtank" which merges images of religion and warfare. The artist collects material from around the world for the assemblages, with components coming from Ukraine, Singapore, Germany,Prague, Philippines, Lithuania, Japan and Singapore. Items are either bought in person or delivered to his studio in Hays, Kansas.

One reviewer has described Kuksi's assemblages as a "...confusing amalgam. Hanging on a thread of being classical and solemn, ... rococoish and ornate." These creations have become some of the artist's most high-profile work and in interview he has commented that these appear to have an appeal for viewers and collectors, perhaps because of their three dimensional aspect and "because they are like small worlds that you can spend a long time exploring." Others have described the experience "as if he put you on an uncomfortable armchair, widened your eyes with a brutal and cold machine and forced you to watch these seemingly far away realities, through the lens of our voyeurism."

Kuksi’s work has been described as “mind-blowing, macabre, and beautifully grotesque art…[that] will taunt you by the sheer complexity of detail, leaving you even more baffled as you stare for hours at all the figurines that were smacked into coexistence.” The end result has been described as “intricately polarized narratives of the balance between good and evil, left and right, night and day, past and future.” Kuksi has featured in more than 100 exhibitions worldwide, including Art Basel,Miami, Berlin, the Cologne Art Fair in Germany and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. He has won a number of awards including the Award of Merit from Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, and the First Place Award from Direct Art Magazine. Additionally, Kuksi has been featured in books on sculpture and modern art, such as “Device Volume II: Reconstructed,” and “Spider Pie.” Kuksi's work can also been found on the front covers of Philosophie and Bl!sss Magazine. He has sold works of art at auction through Sotheby’s. Collectors of Kuksi pieces include Kay Alden (five timeEmmy award winning writer for The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful), actor Robin Williams (Academy Award and Golden Globe winning actor), musician and director Fred Durst, director Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass and Twilight: New Moon), director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth & Hell Boy 2), Nike CEO, Mark Parker and the Ellis County Bar Association in Kansas.