Linas Garsys

Linas Garsys was influenced by the punk music scene and art. Early exposure to crossover bands such as Blondie and the Ramones led him to later icons such as Black Flag and Minor Threat. Punk rock album covers offered an early world of influence, from Winston Smith's collage work for the Dead Kennedy's, Brian "Pushead" Schroeder's work with The Misfits, and John Pettibon's minimalist illustrations for Black Flag. Soon after founding Malfunction records with a friend, Linas took charge of all layout and design for the label, which lead him to doing flyers and illustrations for local bands in the DC Metro area and eventually getting requests from bands and record labels outside the beltway for his signature style — combining "classic" punk with a macabre and comical wit.

Also influenced by Lithuanian folk art, Victorian patterns, Constructivism, Pop Art, and the Low Brow art movement, Linas successfully blends these to create his unique style. Music remains the backbone of the influence and a vehicle for his imagery. As sounds and styles change, he continues to adapt and evolve while staying true to his past influences and looking for new ones.