Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix

Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix (born Dec. 2, 1891, Untermhaus, Thuringia, Ger.died July 25, 1969, Singen, Baden-Wrttemberg, W.Ger.) German painter and printmaker. He studied at the academies of Dsseldorf and Dresden and experimented with Impressionism and Dada before arriving at Expressionism with a nightmarish personal vision of contemporary social reality, depicting the horrors of war and the depravities of a decadent society with great emotional effect. He was appointed professor at the Dresden Academy in 1926 and elected to the Prussian Academy in 1931. His antimilitary works aroused the wrath of the Nazi regime and he was dismissed from his academic posts in 1933. His later work was marked by religious mysticism. Neue Sachlichkeit.

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