Stephen Kasner

Stephen Kasner (born 1970) is a painter, illustrator, musician, photographer, graphic artist, and magician. His paintings have been exhibited all over the world and have influenced a new wave of artists. His paintings, drawings and photographs reflect visions of a pre/post-apocalyptic industrial landscape and the struggle for survival contained in dreams of enlightenment. Kasner works in paint, photography, and drawings, as well as experimental music under the name Blood Fountains. He has done album artwork for Khlyst, Sunn O))), Integrity, Lotus Eaters, Skullflower, Justin Broadrick, and Martin Grech, among many others. Kasner released the book Stephen Kasner WORKS: 1993 - 2006 (Scapegoat Publishing, 2007), a lavish career retrospective with text by various artistic luminaries and collaborations with Seldon Hunt, David D'Andrea, Dwid Hellion, Steven Leyba, and Steven Cerio.