Title Created Date
LOCK UP: Now Track Streaming 'Demonization' Tue Jan 2017
Benighted: Premiere second track of new album Thu Dec 2016
EX DEO: Premiere 'The Rise Of Hannibal' Wed Dec 2016
GOATBLOOD: Stream new DUNKLEHEIT album Mon Dec 2016
Hark: Stream second new song Fri Dec 2016
DISHARMONY: Set release date for long-awaited debut album Thu Dec 2016
Kingdom: Now streaming 'Sepulchral Psalms' Mon Oct 2016
IN FLAMES: Release lyric video for 'The Truth' Tue Sep 2016
OPETH: Reveal new album artwork and stream 'Sorceress' Thu Jul 2016
THE ANSWER: New Single 'Solas' Wed Jul 2016
TELOCH VOVIN: Streaming 'Psalms Ov Khaos IV--A Ritual In Transfigured Time' Wed Jul 2016
DEVILMENT: Reveal first track 'Under The Thunder' Wed Jun 2016
SUPERJOINT: Premieres New Track First New Full-Length In Over A Decade Thu Jun 2016
SANZU: Heavy Over The Home Expanded Full-Length Out Now And Streaming Tue Jun 2016
VAINAJA: premiere new track 'Verenvalaja' Thu Jun 2016
BELDAM: Release Debut Album on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Mon Jun 2016
Inquisition: Unleash first track 'Wings of Anu' Tue May 2016
Withered: Stream 'Gried Relic' complete new album Wed May 2016
SEKTEMTUM: premiere new track 'Direction Cataclysme' Fri May 2016
TOMBSTALKER: Stream 'Transcending Obscurity' Tue May 2016
FORTERESSE stream new album 'Themes pour la Rebellion' Thu May 2016
COUGH: Now playing "The Wounding Hours" Mon May 2016
CULT OF LUNA And JULIE CHRISTMAS: New Track From Indie Recordings Wed May 2016
TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD album Fri Apr 2016
PERIPHERY: Stream new song 'The Price Is Wrong' Tue Apr 2016
IN MOURNING reveal new track 'Fire And Ocean' Wed Apr 2016
Eths stream new album in full Fri Apr 2016
GLORIOR BELLI: Stream new song 'Lies-Strangled Skies' Thu Apr 2016
Demise of The Crown: Now streaming on HMA Mon Feb 2016
RAGNAROK: Premiere track from new album 'Psychopathology' Mon Feb 2016
Rotten Sound: Stream track from 'Abuse to Suffer' Thu Feb 2016
Wake: Now streaming 'Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless' Mon Feb 2016
TOOTHGRINDER: Now streaming 'The House (That Fear Built)' Thu Feb 2016
Entropia: Now streaming tracks from the upcoming release 'Ufonaut' Mon Feb 2016
PEACE KILLERS: Premiere new track from SVART debut Thu Jan 2016
Revenge: Now stream Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection) Mon Jan 2016
TOMBS: HMA now Premiere New Song 'Deceiver' Thu Jan 2016
ALTARAGE: Premier new track 'Batherex' Mon Jan 2016
Rotting Christ: Premiere new album 'Ritual in Full' Thu Jan 2016
GRAVES AT SEA: 'The Curse That Is' now streaming Mon Jan 2016
BLACK TUSK: Premiere New Single 'Born Of Strife' Mon Dec 2015
MOURNING BELOVETH: Reveal first new music from upcoming album Thu Dec 2015
AUTOPSY: Release 'Skull Grinder' Streaming Mon Dec 2015
EUCHARIST: Stream new IRON BONEHEAD collection Tue Dec 2015
MAGIC CIRCLE: Now Streaming 'Journey Blind Sophomore' Fri Nov 2015
LYCUS: Now Streaming 'Solar Chamber' Tue Nov 2015
STRIKER: Announce album details 'Stand in the Fire' Fri Nov 2015
Abbath: Unleash first track of new album and cover art Tue Nov 2015
DROWNING POOL: New track 'BY THE BLOOD' Thu Oct 2015
BLOODIEST: Streaming New self titled album Mon Oct 2015
ZGARD: Premiere new track 'Land of Legends' Thu Oct 2015
Rex Shachath: Stream The New Record in full 'Revocation Of The Blood Elect' Mon Oct 2015
LEFUTRAY: Release 'Oath' on Sick Bangers now Streaming Thu Oct 2015
AMENRA's Colin H. van Eeckhout to release debut solo album 'RASA' Fri Oct 2015
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: The Accuser Streaming "Path Of Broken Glass" Wed Sep 2015
Mord'A'Stigmata: HMA premiere 'Our Hearts Slow Down' Mon Sep 2015
GRAVE: Cover artwork for new album 'Out Of Respect For The Dead' revealed Tue Sep 2015
MORBID SLAUGHTER's 'A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death' Vinyl/Digital Out Today and Streaming Wed Aug 2015
IIVII: Colony From Ambient Project Featuring A Storm Of Light's Josh Graham Mon Aug 2015
Tsjuder: Unleash new track 'Slumber with the Worm' Thu Aug 2015
SPEEDTRAP: Stream new SVART album 'Straight Shooter' Mon Aug 2015
AEVANGELIST Issues "Levitating Stones" From Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss LP Fri Aug 2015
ANOMALIE set release date for new ART OF PROPAGANDA album Mon Aug 2015
BLACK BREATH: HMA Premieres "Reaping Flesh" From Slaves Beyond Death LP Thu Jul 2015
CATTLE DECAPITATION Unveils New Track From Forthcoming Full-Length Tue Jul 2015
CREEPING premiere new track from upcoming IRON BONEHEAD album Fri Jul 2015
KYLESA premiere new track and reveal album details Wed Jul 2015
BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH Debut New Track "The Mithriditist" Tue Jul 2015
TEMPLE OF BAAL share new track and album details "Mysterium" Mon Jul 2015
KATAKLYSM: Stream new track 'The Black Sheep' online now Wed Jul 2015
HOPE DRONE: New Hymn From Australian Atmospheric Blackened Sludge Alchemists Fri May 2015
HIGH ON FIRE: Launch new song 'The Sunless Years' Thu May 2015
AMBASSADOR GUN: Streaming With "Invaders" From Looming Third Album By Minneapolis Grinders Mon May 2015
EXHUMED: Gore Metal Tacticians Stream 'Requiem Of Repugnance' Fri May 2015
SHROUD OF THE HERETIC: HMA premiere new track Mon Apr 2015
WE CAME AS ROMANS: Premiere New Song “The World I Used To Know” Mon Apr 2015
Outre: Polish black metal full stream 'Ghost Chants' Sun Apr 2015
TRIBULATION: Stream 'The Motherhood Of God' Fri Mar 2015
MALTHUSIAN stream new EP 'Below the Hengiform' Thu Mar 2015
AKHLYS: 'The Dreaming I' feat. NIGHTBRINGER member Wed Feb 2015
Acid King: Premiere first track from new album, 'Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere' Tue Feb 2015
TAKEN BY THE SUN: Stream New Hymn From Chicago Progressive Post-Metal Doom Mon Feb 2015
BARREN EARTH: Stream first track & reveal first album details Mon Feb 2015
A FOREST OF STARS: Premiere new track 'Drawing Down The Rain' Fri Feb 2015
DECLINE OF THE I: HMA Premiere 'Le rouge, le vide et le tordu' Thu Feb 2015
WARHORSE: Hymn From Iconic Massachusetts Doom Conjurors Stream 'As Heaven Turns To Ash' Wed Feb 2015
DEATH KARMA: Stream debut album features members of CULT OF FIRE Tue Feb 2015
INFERNAL WAR premiere new track 'Into Dead Soil' Mon Feb 2015
MELECHESH: Stream new album 'Enki' in full! Fri Feb 2015
LEGION OF ANDROMEDA stream debut album Mon Feb 2015
Moonspell: New track 'Extinct' now streaming Sun Feb 2015
Visigoth: Now streaming 'From The Arcane Mists Of Prophecy' taken from 'The Revenant King' Thu Jan 2015
MARDUK: Reveal artwork for 'Frontschwein' and brand-new song 'Rope Of Regret' Mon Jan 2015
NAPALM DEATH: Now Streaming 'Cesspits' Fri Jan 2015
DYSANGELIUM: Stream 'Thanatos Askesis' Thu Jan 2015
PRIMORDIAL: Dublin Metal Troupe Unveils New Tune 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen' Wed Dec 2014
Full Of Hell & Merzbow: Stream 'Gordian Knot' Tue Dec 2014
GNOSIS: Stream 'Chariot of the Sun-Moon ' Mon Dec 2014
DR. LIVING DEAD! First song of upcoming album launched, artwork revealed! Fri Dec 2014
KARYN CRISIS: GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES - launch first track, 'Mother'; reveal details for new album, 'Salem’s Wounds' Fri Dec 2014
Call of the Void Announce New LP for Relapse Records now streaming Mon Dec 2014
DECLINE OF THE I: Detail new album "Rebellion" Mon Dec 2014
Solefald: Exclusive stream of 'Bububu Bad Beuys' taken from Thu Dec 2014
WORMWOOD: Now streaming Debut Album From Doomriders On Magic Bullet Records Wed Dec 2014
MELECHESH: Band reveals new track 'Multiple Truths' online Wed Dec 2014
Job for a Cowboy: New song "Sun of Nihility" streaming now Tue Nov 2014
STENCH premiere instrumental track "Way" Tue Nov 2014
Mysticum: Stream LSD from Planet Satan Tue Nov 2014
THANATOS: Stream 'Feeding The War Machine' Fri Nov 2014
Pig Destroyer Stream 'Mass & Volume' EP Mon Nov 2014
UNEARTH: Reveal album details debut new single “The Swarm” Wed Oct 2014
IRON REAGAN Streaming New Album The Tyranny of Will Fri Oct 2014
NECROPHAGIA unleash new song! Fri Oct 2014
AMERICAN HERITAGE: Stream Sixth And Final Album Thu Sep 2014
STENCH: Premiere new song "Archways" Sat Sep 2014
SORXE: Premieres Mammoth LP-Closing Movement Sat Sep 2014
BLOOD OF KINGU stream new album Sat Sep 2014
ORCH RUNNER: Stream Endless Nothing Sat Sep 2014
MONUMENTS: Reveal new track 'I, The Creator' Wed Sep 2014
HELLS HEADBANGERS: Label compilation now streaming Wed Sep 2014
AMULET: Debut album “The First” now streaming Fri Aug 2014
ANAAL NATHRAKH to Release Desideratum This October Via Metal Blade Records Thu Aug 2014
Torch Runner: Full-length on Southern Lord now streaming Thu Aug 2014
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN: Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath now streaming Wed Aug 2014
FALCONER stream new album "Black Moon Rising" in it's entirety Wed Aug 2014
ORANGE GOBLIN's New Album Coming This October now Streaming Sun Aug 2014
THE HAUNTED: New song "Time (Will Not Heal)" streaming now Sun Aug 2014
BLACK TONGUE reveal track “Falsifier” and streaming Fri Aug 2014
BAT: Sign with HELLS HEADBANGERS. Stream and touring dates Tue Aug 2014
COWARDS: French Sludge/Doom Act Confirms Repress Of Debut Album Mon Aug 2014
Godflesh announce details of first album in 13 years, stream and UK tour dates Mon Aug 2014
Antropomorphia armed and ready to release new album 'Rites Ov Perversion'! Tue Aug 2014
Brimstone Coven premiere "Children Of The Sun" Tue Aug 2014
VANHELGD Swedish Death Unit stream New Track From Upcoming Third LP Wed Jul 2014
Witch Mountain return with new album 'Mobile of Angels' Tue Jul 2014
BIG BLACK CLOUD To Issue Lessons in Fuck You 2 EP Via Eolian Empire Mon Jul 2014
THRESHOLD Reveals new track 'Watchtower On the Moon' Mon Jul 2014
GUST: First Listen To Southern Lord Debut LP Now Available Tue Jul 2014
HELLSPIRIT premiere first track for SATURNAL debut Mon Jul 2014
NORILSK Offer Free Download 'Potsdam Glo' From Upcoming EP 'Japetus' Fri Jul 2014
MIDNIGHT premiere new track now streaming Fri Jul 2014
Sons of Crom now streaming on HMA Mon Jul 2014
Wovenwar to release debut album on August 4; new song "The Mason unveiled Mon Jul 2014
Earth reveal the first audio insight into Primitive And Deadly, listen to "From The Zodiacal Light" Mon Jul 2014
KING OF ASGARD Debut New Song "Remnant Of The Past" Mon Jun 2014
ALLEGAEON "Elements of the Infinite" Available Today Mon Jun 2014
HOD: San Antonio Blackened Death Tyrants To Drop Book Of The Worm Upon The Weak Mon Jun 2014
Montreal's HOLLOW Unleash New Album 'Mordrake' Mon Jun 2014
EREBUS ENTHRONED premiere new track at HMA Fri May 2014
PORTRAIT stream new track and announce new album, "Crossroads" Fri May 2014
FALLUJAH: New Hymn From Atmospheric Death Metal Thu May 2014
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Releases Track From Upcoming Instrumental LP Thu May 2014
MAYHEM stream full new album! Tue May 2014
NUX VOMICA: Relapse Confirms Awaited New LP From Portland Outfit Tue May 2014
SERPENTINE PATH stream Systematic Extinction Wed May 2014
HMA Stram Origin 'Manifest Desolate' Mon May 2014
HMA stream Mortals 'Cursed to See the Future' Mon May 2014
The Ocean stream "The City in the Sea" live in Hong Kong clip from the "Collective Oblivion" Mon May 2014
PSYCHO: First Album From Boston Grindpunk Squad In Over Two Decades now streaming Mon May 2014
THE DAGGER reveal cover artwork, premiere first track of debut album Thu May 2014
DEN SAAKALDTE premiere "Du Selvproklamerte Misjonaer" track Thu May 2014
Tortorum Stream Into The Sixth Coil Sun Apr 2014
Romanian Funeral Doom DESCEND INTO DESPAIR New Hymn Now Streaming Sun Apr 2014
MANTAR Stream new track White Nights Fri Apr 2014
AURVANDIL streams new album Thrones Thu Apr 2014
SKELETHAL premiere new track at HMA Thu Apr 2014
NIGHTSATAN to release new soundtrack/movie via SVART RECORDS Thu Apr 2014
MISERY INDEX unleash new track! Thu Apr 2014
VALLENFYRE premiere new track 'Scabs' Thu Apr 2014
FINAL CONFLICT Tankcrimes To Reissue Iconic Ashes To Ashes LP Thu Apr 2014
DREAD SOVEREIGN unveil album details and streaming Sun Mar 2014
PILGRIM To Release Sophomore Full-Length New Track Streaming + Live dates Sun Mar 2014
NIGHTFELL Featuring Members Of His Hero Is Gone and Aldebaran To Release Stream Album Sun Mar 2014
INTEGRITY Systems Overload Lineup Records First New Track In Over Twenty Years Mon Feb 2014
YOB Doom metal classic 'Catharsis' deluxe vinyl reissue and stream Wed Jan 2014
CULTED Blackened Doom Merchants now streaming Sun Dec 2013
INDIAN Blackened Doom Nihilists Reveal Album Details Sun Dec 2013
NOCTURNAL BREED to release first album in 7 years Sun Dec 2013
Hate Eternal Bassist To Unleash Death Metal Christmas Sat Dec 2013
VALDUR Black/Death Confirm Details Of Imminent New Full-Length Sat Dec 2013
HOD Blackened Death Horde Stream Fuckin' Metal Volume 1 Compilation Sat Dec 2013
CYNIC premiere first song from their upcoming new album Wed Dec 2013
SUNN O))) & ULVER: The Story Of Their Collaboration Revealed; First Audio Sample Unveiled Wed Dec 2013
ENBILULUGUGAL: Noizemongers For Goatserpent Streaming Now Tue Nov 2013
NECROPHAGIA release brand new track "The Wicked" as free download Tue Nov 2013
BLIND TO FAITH's A398 Debut Out Now Streaming Entire EP Tue Nov 2013
COKEGOAT: Death/Doom Deviants stream To Scathe The Ears Of The Living Mon Nov 2013
Denver Black Sky And Granite House Records To Release Fri Oct 2013
RAWHIDE: Swedish Death Punk To Release Full-Length Debut Via PATAC Wed Oct 2013
Dregen: Tour News and album stream Wed Oct 2013
INFERNO reveal new song and streaming now Wed Oct 2013
GLORIOR BELLI reveals new album details debut song streaming Sun Sep 2013
IN SOLITUDE announce new album, stream title track: "Sister" Wed Sep 2013
TRANSIENT: Grind Squad To See Release Via Six Weeks Records Thu Jun 2013
CENTURIES: Southern Lord Debut LP Locked For August Release Thu Jun 2013
BLACK SHEEP WALL stream new EP! Wed May 2013
CANDLEMASS premiere new live track "Under the Oak" Tue May 2013
REPROACHER: Wyoming Audio Terrorists Detonate New Full-Length Thu May 2013
ARRAYAN PATH: Release fourth album 'IV: Stigmata' Tue Apr 2013
PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION: '100 Beers with a Zombie' Fri Apr 2013
AMON AMARTH: To Unleash "Deceiver of the Gods" Mon Apr 2013
WISDOM OF CROWDS: Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse Mon Apr 2013
The Black Dahlia Murder: Release sixth full-length "Everblack" Mon Apr 2013
SOFY MAJOR: French Noiserock Trio Drops Track From New LP Fri Apr 2013
SIX FEET UNDER: 'Unborn' debuts on charts worldwide Tue Apr 2013
PYRITHION: Releases "The Burden of Sorrow" Mon Apr 2013
IN THE SILENCE: Sensory Records Debut May Release Sun Apr 2013
HESSIAN: Southern Lord debut Manégarmr Wed Mar 2013
BEYOND THE SHORE: Release "Ghostwatcher" Wed Mar 2013
VON RECORDS: Dark Gods Seven Billion Slaves Fri Mar 2013
NOISEM: Formerly Necropsy Signs With A389 Records Wed Mar 2013
NEAERA: 'Ours Is The Storm' enters German charts Tue Mar 2013
THE MOTH GATHERER: Premiers new song and debut album Fri Feb 2013
LYCOSA: To release 5 track EP Thu Feb 2013
GRISLY AMPUTATION: To release Cannibalistic Tendencies Thu Feb 2013
KONGH: reveals album Sole Creation Mon Jan 2013
WORMED: Death Metal Horde To Release This March Thu Jan 2013
OCTOBER FALLS: The Plague Of A Coming Age unveiled Thu Jan 2013
Oakland Powerhouse Duo SATYA SENA Release Debut Album Tue Jan 2013
INFESTUS : Recording new album + live line-up Tue Jan 2013
MY SOLILOQUY: UK Prog Band Streams Track From New Opus Tue Jan 2013
TERMINATE: Illinois Death Outfit Drops Track From Selfmadegod-Bound Debut Tue Jan 2013