Title Created Date
WARBRINGER: Release First Song & Music Video For Track 'Silhouettes' Thu Jan 2017
ONI: Unleashes New Music Video for 'The Only Cure', Featuring LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe Thu Jan 2017
HAVOK - Unleash lyric video Mon Jan 2017
SEPULTURA: To release 'Machine Messiah' Wed Jan 2017
SUICIDE SILENCE: Announce New Album Details, Post New Music Video For 'Doris' Tue Jan 2017
IMMOLATION: Release second "Atonement" video Mon Jan 2017
OVERKILL: To release 'The Grinding Wheel' new video launched Thu Dec 2016
BLACK STAR RIDERS: Release "When The Night Comes In" lyric video Mon Nov 2016
GHOST: Announce EP 'POPESTAR' and Video Wed Sep 2016
SABATON: Release new lyric video 'Sparta' Wed Sep 2016
TesseracT: Release brand new music video for 'Hexes' Wed Sep 2016
OPETH: Release new song 'Will O The Wisp' Tue Sep 2016
ALTER BRIDGE: Release New Lyric Video For 'My Champion' Mon Sep 2016
TESTAMENT: Release 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' title track Wed Aug 2016
HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Launch lyric video for 'Bring The War Home' Thu Jul 2016
HAMMERFALL: Release Single & Music Video For 'HAMMER HIGH' Wed Jul 2016
SONATA ARCTICA: Band release music video for 'Life' Thu Jul 2016
KATATONIA: Launch new video 'Shifts' Wed Jul 2016
AVANTASIA: Band release second single 'Draconian Love' Fri Jul 2016
GRUESOME: Release 'Dimensions Of Horror' Video Thu Jun 2016
ALMANAC: Release Lyric Video For 'No More Shadows' Thu Jun 2016
SCORPION CHILD: Band release track video for 'Moon Tension' Mon Jun 2016
THE 69 EYES: Release official video for 'Jerusalem' Wed Jun 2016
KILLING JOKE: Unveil New Cold War 'The Great Gathering' Fri May 2016
BLACK TUSK: Premiere New Video for 'God's On Vacation' Tue May 2016
BABYMETAL: Unveil new song and video 'The One' Thu May 2016
HEXVESSEL: Launch new video 'When I'm Dead' Mon May 2016
Rotting Christ: Premiere new video 'For A Voice Like Thunder' Wed May 2016
Incite: Reveals New Music Video for 'No Remorse' Fri May 2016
DEATH ANGEL: Band release video for 'Lost' Mon May 2016
HATEBREED: Premiere official video for 'Looking Down the Barrel of Today' Mon May 2016
FALLUJAH: Band release official video for 'Abandon' Fri Apr 2016
Tarja: Announce New Video For The Single 'No Bitter End' Tue Mar 2016
NAILS: Band release new video 'You will never be one of us' Fri Mar 2016
Whispered: Release New Single & Lyric Video 'Strike' Wed Mar 2016
FEAR FACTORY: Band release official video for 'Expiration Date' Mon Mar 2016
SANZU: To Release Heavy Over The Home Debut Wed Mar 2016
All Hail The Yeti: Unleashes 'Before The Flames' Music Video Mon Mar 2016
SLEEP OF MONSTERS: Reveal lyric video 'Golden Bough' Wed Mar 2016
ENTOMBED A.D.: Launch new video for 'The Winner Has Lost' Fri Feb 2016
MORTIIS: Unveils new ‘Doppelganger' video Fri Feb 2016
LOST SOCIETY: Official video for 'I Am The Antidote' Tue Jan 2016
OCEANS OF SLUMBER: Launch video for 'Winter' Thu Jan 2016
KORPIKLAANI: Band release official video for ‘Ammanhauta’ Mon Jan 2016
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: Band premiere official video for 'Cold As Perfection' Thu Dec 2015
TEXTURES: Official video for 'Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand' released Mon Dec 2015
Black Stone Cherry: Video 'In Our Dreams' launched Tue Dec 2015
AVANTASIA: Listen to new track 'Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose' Fri Dec 2015
ABORTED: Launch video for 'Termination Redux' Mon Dec 2015
ASG: Premieres 'Mourning Of The Earth' Music Video via Vevo Tue Dec 2015
X Japan: Release Video for 'Born To Be Free' Thu Dec 2015
OBSCURA: Premiere Video For Title Track of New Album 'Akroasis' Mon Nov 2015
SWALLOW THE SUN: Launch video for 'Rooms and Shadows' Fri Nov 2015
THE MOTH GATHERER: Premiere lyric video for 'Attacus Atlas' Fri Oct 2015
This Gift Is A Curse: Premiere 'Swinelord' video Tue Oct 2015
DESPITE EXILE: 'Act IV: Herald of Blindness' new video revealed Thu Oct 2015
ARCH ENEMY: Launch new video from 'War Eternal (Tour Edition)' Mon Oct 2015
VOID OF SLEEP: New Lyric Video From Progressive Occult Metal Wed Oct 2015
ANNIHILATOR: Releases Official "Suicide Society" Music Video Wed Aug 2015
SONIC SYNDICATE: Premiere official 'Diabolical Work Of Art' music video Mon Aug 2015
MYRKUR: Release New Music Video "Onde Børn" Fri Aug 2015
AVATARIUM: New track 'Girl With The Raven Mask' Fri Aug 2015
NAPALM DEATH: Debut video clip for 'How The Years Condemn' Wed Aug 2015
AT THE GATES: New video clip 'The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)' Mon Aug 2015
GOROD: New Lyric Video From Progressive Tech Death Faction Playing At HMA Wed Jul 2015
Ghost: Release "Meliora" On Spinefarm Records International Mon Jul 2015
FEAR FACTORY: New track 'Dielectric' premieres on HMA Fri Jul 2015
KADAVAR: Official video for 'Last Living Dinosaur' Tue Jul 2015
SAXON: Releases Official "Battering Ram" video and album Mon Jul 2015
AWAKEN THE EMPIRE: HMA premiere 'Cross My Heart' video Fri Jul 2015
DARK TRANQUILLITY: Release video for 'The Science Of Noise' Mon Jun 2015
BLAZE of PERDITION: New track, new video Mon May 2015
ANCIENT VVISDOM: New Video "We Are Damnation" Fri May 2015
GRUESOME: Schuldiner-Hailing Supergroup Launches New Lyric Video For Namesake Track Tue May 2015
Shining: Unleash brutal new video "Vilja & Dröm" Wed Apr 2015
MY SLEEPING KARMA: HMA Premiere video 'Prithvi' out on Napalm Records Mon Apr 2015
BEHEMOTH: Nergal reveal official video for 'Messe Noire' Fri Apr 2015
Hark reveal new video 'Palendromeda' Tue Apr 2015
MARUTA Deploys "Hope Smasher" From Relapse First In-Studio Video Installment Released Wed Mar 2015
THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL: HMA Premiere On 'Black Wings, A Demon' Napalm Records Tue Mar 2015
STRIKER: HMA Premiere 'Crossroads' Tue Mar 2015
Alunah: HMA premiere 'Awakening The Forest' Wed Mar 2015
DESECRATOR: Release 'Red Steel Nation' Single and Video Fri Feb 2015
NEGURA BUNGET: Premiere new video 'Nametenie' Thu Feb 2015
Diabulus in Musica: HMA Premiere 'Spoilt Vampire' Thu Feb 2015
ACHERONTAS: Reveal teaser video Ma-Ion(Formulas of Reptilian Unification) Wed Feb 2015
Oceano: release lyric video for 'Dawn of Descent' Tue Feb 2015
Evil Invaders: HMA premiere 'Pulses Of Pleasure' Mon Feb 2015
UNLEASHED: Reveal album title 'Dawn of the Nine' and artwork Tue Feb 2015
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN: HMA premiere lyric video 'Twin Souls' Mon Feb 2015
Mammoth Mammoth: Premiere new lyric video 'Life’s A Bitch' Wed Feb 2015
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: Premiere Official video for 'Epilogue' Mon Jan 2015
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN: HMA Premiere video for 'BC Trucker ' Thu Jan 2015
THE LURKING CORPSES: Premiere new 8-bit video 'Lady Frankenstein' Fri Jan 2015
Dust Bolt is very proud to present their new music video - Agent Thrash! Tue Jan 2015
AT THE GATES: Launch video for 'Death And The Labyrinth' Sat Jan 2015
SANCTUARY release video for “Frozen” Fri Jan 2015
Bloodshot Dawn: New Music Video ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Thu Jan 2015
HATE: HMA launch new video for the song 'Valley of Darkness' Wed Jan 2015
DARK FUNERAL: Unleash new song & video 'Nail Them To The Cross' Fri Dec 2014
DIABLO BLVD: Band posts killer Hammer Horror inspired video online Wed Dec 2014
ABORTED: Launch brand new video for 'Cenobites' Wed Dec 2014
BATTLE BEAST: Band takes fans back to the eighties in new video for 'Madness' Fri Dec 2014
GOATWHORE: Releases "Nocturnal Conjuration Of The Accursed" Video Thu Dec 2014
THE UNGUIDED: HMA Premier 'Eye Of The Thylacine' Thu Dec 2014
Bloodbath: Reveal 'Famine of God’s Word’ Mon Dec 2014
NIGHTWISH: Reveals live clip of 'Arabesque' Thu Dec 2014
Between the Buried and Me post "Extremophile Elite" Mon Nov 2014
Amon Amarth launch "Deceiver of the Gods" video Fri Nov 2014
MENACE premiere new video 'Malicious Code' Tue Nov 2014
SETH: premiere One Ear To The Earth, One Eye On Heaven Mon Nov 2014
Sólstafir reveal new video clip Wed Oct 2014
ORANGE GOBLIN Premieres New Video Back From The Abyss Tue Oct 2014
BENIGHTED premiere new video "Spit" featuring Niklas Kvarforth Fri Oct 2014
EQUILIBRIUM: Band reveals hilarious official video for their Oktoberfest inspired track, 'Wirtshaus-Gaudi' Fri Oct 2014
CASTLE unveil new video Thu Sep 2014
BLACK TONGUE launch “Eclipse” video Thu Sep 2014
MALPRACTICE: Video Documentary Sat Sep 2014
SABATON: Band reveals official video for 'To Hell And Back' Wed Sep 2014
WHITECHAPEL: Debut Video For "Our Endless War" Wed Sep 2014
Flayed Disciple Release New Video 'The Gates Of Bedlam' Wed Sep 2014
INTER ARMA: Announce 'The Cavern’ EP, Release Album Trailer Wed Aug 2014
ABRE OJOS: Video Exploration From Cult One-Man Audio/Visual Project Now Playing Wed Aug 2014
RED ELEVEN "Narrow Mind" new video up now! Sun Aug 2014
TOMBS: Premiere Video For “Seance” Sun Aug 2014
ORPHANED LAND: launch video for “Let The Truce Be Known” Sun Aug 2014
WINDHAND - Reveal Music Video "Orchard" Fri Aug 2014
SLIPKNOT release first new music in six years and new video Mon Aug 2014
DEADLOCK "Awakened By Sirens 2014" video up now! Mon Aug 2014
Triptykon Unveil New Video Clip Fri Aug 2014
THE LURKING CORPSES set release date for new album and reveal new video Fri Aug 2014
Einherjer new music video and single out Fri Aug 2014
HANG THE BASTARD unleash video for “Sex In The Seventh Circle” Tue Aug 2014
WOLF premiere video for “Shark Attack” Tue Aug 2014
Trioscapes launches "Digital Dream Sequence" studio video Tue Aug 2014
Metal Blade to release new CHANNEL ZERO album 'Kill All Kings' Wed Jul 2014
BLOODTRUTH: Unique Leader To Drop Debut From Italian Death Dealers This Fall Mon Jul 2014
WORMREICH debut first video from new MORIBUND album Tue Jul 2014
INSOMNIUM launch 'While We Sleep' video Mon Jul 2014
UNISONIC: New Video From Heavy Metal Supergroup Now Playing on HMA Fri Jul 2014
Rivers of Nihil debut "Birth of the Omnisavior" video Wed Jul 2014
SUICIDE SILENCE | Band debuts official video for 'You Can't Stop Me' Wed Jul 2014
INCARNATED Unleashes Video For Track From Third Album Out Now Via Selfmadegod Mon Jun 2014
CROWBAR debut new music video for “Walk With Knowledge Wisely” Mon Jun 2014
GRAVE DIGGER premiere “Season Of The Witch” video Mon Jun 2014
ARCH ENEMY present 'You Will Know My Name' video Thu May 2014
BATTLECROSS Launches Three Live Bootlegs; Roadside Takeovers With Killswitch Engage Mon May 2014
NADER SADEK: Video From Morphing Elite Metal Collective Now Playing Thu May 2014
TYR debut "The Lay of Our Love" video Tue May 2014
MENACE unveil new video To the Marrow Tue May 2014
AMON AMARTH premiere epic production video for 'Father of the Wolf' Sun Apr 2014
GUS G. New video for 'Eyes Wide Open (Feat. Mats Levén)' launched Thu Apr 2014
DELAIN premiere their brand new video “Stardust" Thu Apr 2014
NECRONOMICON premiere uncensored video rise of the elder ones Sun Mar 2014
CONAN premiere “Foehammer” video Sun Mar 2014
EPICA releases second documentary clip about their new album 'The Quantum Enigma' Sun Mar 2014
THE LION'S DAUGHTER Premieres New Video From St. Louis Doom Doers Sat Feb 2014
SHITFUCKER premiere video for "Sex Dungeon" Mon Feb 2014
READY, SET, FALL reveal "Memento" album cover Mon Feb 2014
HANGING GARDEN "Will You Share This Ending With Me" video released Wed Jan 2014
CARCASS 'Unfit For Human Consumption' video debuts on KIRK VON HAMMETT'S Fear Festevil Mon Jan 2014
HIGH ON FIRE released video for the brand new single 'Slave The Hive' Mon Jan 2014
WATAIN reveal their first ever video for the song Outlaw Thu Jan 2014
VOIVOD release Kluskap O'Kom Video Thu Jan 2014
BEHEMOTH Reveal official video for 'Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel' Thu Jan 2014
Mourning Beloveth reveals Theories of Old Bones Video Sun Dec 2013
GWAR Debuts Video For "Madness at the Core of Time" Sun Dec 2013
QUEENSRŸCHE release Ad Lucem 'mini movie Sun Dec 2013
MURDER CONSTRUCT premier "The Next Life" Music Video Sun Dec 2013
LEAVES´ EYES unveil video for Hell To The Heave Sat Dec 2013
CODE release a music video for Glimlight Tourist Sat Dec 2013
AMON AMARTH launch "As Loke Falls" lyric video Sat Dec 2013
ICED EARTH video teaser for 'Plagues Of Babylon' launched Wed Dec 2013
NOCTUM premiere lyric video for 'Temple of the Living Dead' Wed Nov 2013
IN SOLITUDE complete US tour with Watain, release live videos from Los Angeles show Mon Nov 2013
MAN MUST DIE "Abuser Friendly" feat. Max Cavalera Mon Nov 2013
TOXIC HOLOCAUST New Video Now Playing for Chemistry Of Consciousness Tue Oct 2013
KILL DIVISION launch video clip for "Mechanic Domination" Wed Oct 2013
EPHEL DUATH posts video teaser and reveals new album details Wed Oct 2013
Sepultura Listen to the first single from the album 'The Age Of The Atheist' Wed Oct 2013
DRUGS OF FAITH Heavy Music Artwork Leaks Video From Upcoming Release Tue Oct 2013
RIVERS OF NIHIL release new studio video Thu Sep 2013
RAM present brand new video clip for "I Am The End"! Sun Sep 2013
THE OCEAN Unveils New Video European Headlining Tour Announced Sun Sep 2013
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER post "Moonlight Equilibrium" live clip Mon Aug 2013
ABYSMAL DAWN PREMIERE Leveling the Plane of Existence Tue Aug 2013
THE MOTH GATHERER unveils a video for "A Falling Deity" Mon Aug 2013
Premiere new video from Darkthrone 'Lesser Man' Thu Aug 2013
EXHUMED: To release "Necrocracy" Thu Aug 2013
ATROCITY - Pandaemonium New Video Mon Jul 2013
AOSOTH premiere video for new song "Ritual Marks Of Penitence" Mon Jul 2013
ETHS unveil new live video featuring Rachel Aspe Wed Jul 2013
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER debut "Goat of Departure" music video Mon Jun 2013
AMON AMARTH: Final Segment Of Three-Part Mini Documentary Revealed Tue Jun 2013
Chains: Premiere new video 'Dancing with my Demons' Mon Jun 2013
BATTLECROSS premier new video and cover art for 'War of will' Mon May 2013
ABORYM premiere cover of Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name Sun May 2013
HOWL: New 'Bloodline' artwork by Ryan Begley Mon May 2013
COFFINS: Japanese Death/Doom To Debut Relapse LP Wed May 2013
FEJD: "Den Skimrande" video clip Wed May 2013
SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT: Release 'III - Lux Infera' Mon Apr 2013
LYCHGATE: To release self titled album in April Wed Apr 2013
CHTHONIC: Release Seventh Studio Album "Bu-Tik" Tue Apr 2013
MUMAKIL: To release "Flies Will Starve" Tue Apr 2013
SUMMONING: "Old Mornings Dawn" - Album Trailer Mon Apr 2013
INTEGRITY: Suicide Black Snake Details Released Mon Apr 2013
I KLATUS: Behold The Second LP Fri Apr 2013
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR: New EP & Release Show Wed Mar 2013
ELDKRAFT latest signing of A.A. Nemtheanga! Tue Mar 2013
ATROCITY: Release "Okkult" Mon Mar 2013
THE OCEAN: unveils new track from 'Pelagial'! Sun Mar 2013
DE PROFUNDIS: Release The Emptiness Within Sun Mar 2013
SVARTSYN: Reveals new album details Fri Mar 2013
DEVOURMENT: Vomits Forth Lyric Video Sun Mar 2013
BE'LAKOR: Release Of Breath and Bone Thu Feb 2013
YEAR OF THE GOAT: New Video From Swedish Occult Metal Wed Feb 2013
MEMORY GARDEN: Release new album "Doomain" Wed Feb 2013
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: New deal with Metal Blade Records Wed Feb 2013
BEYOND THE SHORE: Post studio update Tue Feb 2013
SOEN: Debut From Progressive Supergroup to Release This Summer Fri Feb 2013
ANTON JOHANSSON’S GALAHAD: To release Galahad Suite Thu Feb 2013
PRIMITIVE MAN: Denver Doom Nihilists Unleash Scorn Sun Feb 2013
VREID: Norwegian Black ‘N’ Roll Legion Release New Single Tue Jan 2013
BEISSERT: Reveals new song and album details Tue Jan 2013
AZURE EMOTE: Avant-Garde Death Metal Supergroup Mon Jan 2013
INTER ARMA: Relapse Confirms Second Album Mon Jan 2013
OMNIUM GATHERUM reveal new album info! Tue Jan 2013
THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE new album Monuments Tue Jan 2013
AIRLESS debut album "Changes" on Lion Music Tue Jan 2013
NIGHTFALL releases second single off 'Cassiopeia' Tue Jan 2013
HELLBASTARD: UK Crust Miscreants Issue Video Teaser Sun Jan 2013
Norwegian Black Metallers ENDEZZMA debuts new video Tue Jan 2013
KHORS: Ukrainian Black Metal Heathens Issue New Video Tue Nov 2012
GYPSYHAWK debuts new video for "Hedgeking" Thu Sep 2012