Aeternus Prophet

Aeternus Prophet

Ruthlessness with Aeternus Prophet
Art: Cold Poison

Hailing from the lush and mysterious city of Fastiv, under the guise of dark hooded cloaks, Aeternus Prophet has unleashed over a decade of sonic destruction as one of Fastiv’s longest-standing black/death metal outfits. Circling the Slavic nations under a name written in the dead imperial language to promote intellectual progression, they have stood vigilant as prominent figures in the Ukrainian metal scene since 2010.

I need to learn how to formulate it correctly, but for us, this music is a reproduction of the world, the country, and the place we live. This is a description of the progress and decline of society, which we have been contemplating since 2008, and we have been able to turn our music into reality only since 2010.

We have yet to start a new recording at a studio since there has been a war in our country since 2022, and now everything is very difficult with this. We wrote a lot of instrumentals for the songs but still didn’t get it done for the studio recording because there were so many problems during the war, constant problems with premises and moving around the country and the city; all this created huge problems that we did not have when there was peace in the country. And also, many recording studios closed due to the war; all this is colossal decadence in a certain way.

It is not material sex, drugs, and rock & roll. This division had already remained since the 70s when the labels were generous in financing the bands and were at the peak of their fame, but now there are no such trends. New bands that become super popular do not appear, as many musicians write music only for themselves rather than for listeners. That’s why rock and metal music worldwide has declined to some extent now, or at least is one of the factors. At the expense of views – well, to a certain extent, they are anti-religious, and one might say – atheistic since we do not believe in worshipping various idols; we believe in human sober mind and discretion.

My father (the father of Dissident, the drummer) listened to heavy rock; he lived in the USSR but was against the Russian Empire. I listened to foreign bands such as Kiss, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Uriah Heep, and Accept. That’s how I got to know metal music in general. Music is very important, as it changes people’s outlook for the better. If it is positive, our music could positively affect many things. If more people read our lyrics, the more people know about our band, the better. Our goal was not to write texts for entertainment but, as we previously indicated – for intellectual progress. This was greatly influenced by our guitarist, Oberon, who led our band to this point. We will not write texts in the style of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. It will be much larger and more global than you can imagine! Thank you for the interview! STAY METAL.
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