Almost Dead

Almost Dead

Zach Weed (guitars) and I already had been writing a bunch of songs together. We usually write our songs through guitar pro, but then Covid hit. Shows were getting cancelled, so we figured we might as well jump into the studio and take advantage of the downtime. It was hard at first because the band had to start practising over zoom to learn the rest of the songs, which was annoying. Still, luckily we all continued to fight through the bullshit, creating Brutal Onslaught 2021—a different creative process than all the other albums. We just map out all our tracks and practice like we’re about to go on tour before heading to the studio. A creative ritual is working with legendary Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios in Pacheco, CA.

The cool thing about Brutal Onslaught is every song has its own theme. I don’t necessarily like to stick to one theme. I like to keep certain things hidden so many more metalheads can relate to each song in many different situations. Mosh pits changed my life; after jumping into one and releasing all my aggression, I was then sucked into the world of heavy metal and knew I needed to be a part of it for life.

Music, to me, is a way to escape from my everyday life and simply go wherever it is I want to go through different genres of music. It could be used; however, you want to use it. I don’t necessarily think you can describe music to mean one specific thing. It means many different things to many different kinds of people.
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