The songs were composed and recorded in a few days. I played all of the instruments and vocals. Heidi wrote the lyrics, and I adjusted them a bit. I then send the songs to Tanza to complete the vocals and Brennan to do all the lead parts. I have no idea what you’re talking about with the Youtube channel conspiracy thing. I’m a bit confused.

The title comes from one of the songs called Blood of Aphrodite. The line goes, “Rise in Orgasmic Glory, How I worship Thee! Offerings of Flesh Upon the Sacred Altar’s feet.”

As a kid, I didn’t really like music because I associated it with the garbage they played at church. When I finally heard classic rock bands on the radio, it made me want to dig deeper, so I got into heavy metal and punk. Ever since then, I’ve never stopped to dig deeper and deeper, always thirsting for more. I like to think that I never cease to mature and evolve. I absorb the culture and media like a sponge, so there’s always a variety of influences.

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