Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne is a Norwegian death metal band that has been around for almost 25 years, released ten albums and toured most parts of the world several times—formed by me, Daniel Olaisen. Old-school and groovy death metal with modern production.

Imperial Congregation is our 10th full-length album and by far our best production, soundwise, and songs. We decided to step up everything and make an album that would be noticed and respected. I always write most of the material and record everything except drums in my home studio. We don’t rehearse, but everybody contributes with their playing. Bolt does all the lyrics and vocals. Freddy tracked all the drums by himself at his rehearsal place. Everything was mixed and mastered in Sweden.

Whenever I come up with a guitar riff or intro for a song, I record it straight away in my home studio. This is also the freedom of having a studio. I record whenever I feel like it. I don’t push anything. But. I’m creative and write music for four bands, so it’s never a problem. I have released 25 studio albums so far!

I make music because I’m creative, and it’s fun and satisfying. No band or label are forcing me. It has to come naturally. Sometimes I have a long break from it all, and then I return to business again. I need to do other stuff as well. It’s all about being in the right mode. That’s when all the good ideas keep comin’!

My mother listened to rock music, and that’s where it all started. I borrowed her cassettes, and in 1987 I took her Tell No Tales cassette by TNT to school and played it in class. Everybody hated it, haha. From that on, I knew rock and metal was my thing! I continued with classic bands like AC/DC, Maiden and Metallica and around 1991, and I was introduced to heavier music as black and death metal. What blew my mind was when I heard Suicide Machine by Death around 1993. It was featured on one of the Death Is Just the Beginning compilation CD’s and has been my favourite band ever since.

Every human being has some kind of relation to music or at least rhythm. Some use it for therapy, some for entertainment. To me, it’s a passion. It gives a great feeling creating music and an even greater feeling sharing it with people understanding what you’re trying to do. The world would be awkward without music!
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