Art: Paul Stier

Before Bryce sits down to create, he likes to complete the day’s work, ensure he has an organised space, and then start riffing out with an amp turned up really loud. Reece likes to put on orchestral soundtracks when writing lyrics to eliminate distractions. We are huge proponents of a positive mental attitude. We want to wake up each day grateful for our blessings and then go through the day leading with love in all situations.

Our “vices”. We are active runners and mountain bikers and like to lift weights. That really helps fuel our creativity. Staying healthy and active clears our minds, so our creativity can flow.

Reece loves epic fantasy books. His favourite writers and creative minds include J.R.R. Tolkien, Ted Williams, Frank Herbert, and Edgar Allan Poe. He’s continuously inspired by the ability to write to create worlds with words. He’s gotten heavily into world-building in his own writing career.

Music can serve various purposes, such as entertainment and escape, and as a motivator and encouragement to hurting people. That’s the beauty of music. There are no constrictions or constraints on creating music, and someone’s art should never be ridiculed for not fitting a mould. In our music, we just want to write what feels genuine, which will hopefully connect with people in a way other things may not.

Reece’s current favourite band is the Dave Matthews band because of the emotion they evoke in many of their songs, especially live ones. It is something we hope we can manage to convey with our music. Bryce sometimes enjoys some soft Pop rock. Reece also listens to a ton of Pop music. A few of his favourites are Camila Cabelo. Shawn Mendes. And Charli XCX. Metal fans typically avoid this type of music, but Reece loves the songwriting, and some of these artists have tremendous vocal capabilities and musicianship that often get overlooked.
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