Chugger is a groove metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, successfully fusing the signature Gothenburg metal sound with the groove of American southern metal. Since the start in 2012, Chugger has been crushing Europe with their brutal sound and intense stage performance, comparable to acts like Lamb of God, Gojira and Arch Enemy.

We knew the stakes were higher than ever for our sophomore album to bring out a killer album of the highest quality. So we once again teamed up with renowned Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, to name a few) and Obsidian Recording Studios and set the aim to create our best work yet. The album titled ‘Of Man And Machine’ became a dystopian themed powerhouse containing nine great songs, including a guest appearance by Hatesphere’s Esben ‘Esse’ Hansen. The artwork and full-colour booklet were created by Stephen Lindsay, known professionally as The Iron Parasite. We released the album in most corners of the world in April 2020 under the Italian label Wormholedeath and later released it in Japan the same year, which was pretty cool, a first for us!

We used to sacrifice band members for good tunes and a spliff, but it was such a hassle to find new members to switch it up a bit. These days we usually figure out some cool riffs separately, present them to the guys during the next rehearsal and take it from there. But we also jam up cool stuff on the spot that gets our blood pumping, which later gets reworked into a song. If you can’t sit still and your head starts bobbing or feet tapping when listening to a raw riff, it’s usually a perfect thing. We have a few health freaks in the band for staying healthy, but usually, the stage show we put on is more than enough exercise! Fun fact about weed, a venue owner once tried to pay for our gig in weed.

We draw inspiration from society and the darker sides of humanity. These days it’s hard to miss that the world is going up in flames, quite literally, and we’re trying to function as an outlet for people to use instead. We aren’t political or a political band, so lyrics wise, there’s pretty much a version of every song for every person, you know? Everyone puts their own experiences into our music and fills in the gaps that we usually, and intentionally, leave out to appeal to a larger audience. However, I guess it doesn’t apply to all songs, for instance, those inspired by serial killers or mass murders. But generally speaking, we cater to the angry and disgruntled misfits and moshers.

After looking up the word, I believe it is, haha. Metal contains the full spectrum of content, ranging from the ultra gore grind vulgar side to the happier and a lot more wholesome party all day kind of bands. But at its core, metal has always been a rebellion – punk even more so. It’s a safe haven for people to lose their shit and point a big middle finger to anyone and everything that pissed them off. But I guess you either become a metalhead or a punk rocker, depending on whether you can play your instrument or not, haha. Beware of pop music, people though; they bottle everything up until it explodes.

The abolishment of slavery and the entire women’s rights movement, for instance. Those just two, albeit rather large, are standing normals that were challenged and ultimately proven to be archaic and broken. Throughout history, it’s usually a select few sick people in the wrong positions, especially a powerful one, that causes long-standing grief amongst the many. I know it has helped some people, but the church has proven to be particularly troublesome in history. Especially in the early days when people couldn’t read and had to trust a man of god to tell the truth. And whatever that person said became the truth – true or not. Same with any cult, really. Why is it ok for the ring leader to have fifty wives to enjoy as he pleases, while the wives get punished for the slightest wrongdoing? Even today we see tons of evidence that things are wrong, but “hey, it’s always been like this and will always be”. Screw that. Rise up and f’ the man.
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