Crippled Black Phoenix

Crippled Black Phoenix

Ican tell you that it’s been very surprised at the response, I never expect anything but this time there seems to be a good vibe around it. It’s the album that I needed to write, like some kind of cleansing process. It comes from a place of resignation, where we feel like we want and need to go to a better place, and through the music we can find peace and solace, dealing with everyday life is pretty tough these days. But we don’t have to be part of society and the restrictions it puts on us. Great Escape is saying we can step out of society and live a good life.

I write the music and demo it, give the songs titles and themes and then Daniel and Belinda write the words. We all get together in the studio and make it into the album, everyone playing their parts. The highlights for me is when on the rare occasion we listen to the finished thing and it seems like it’s not us, then we know we got something good.

Life is the biggest inspiration for me, the world and the state it’s in, human nature is always a fascination which is a long-standing theme on all CBP albums. Dystopian sci-fi novels and films, too many to mention but Silent Runnings, Rollerball, Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, THX1238 etc are the kinds of stories that I use for inspiration. Also Alan Watts, the philosophy guy, we used some sound bites from his seminars on ‘Great Escape’.
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