Crystal Gates

Crystal Gates

Torment & Wonder: The Ways Of The Lonely Ones with Benjamin Machin
Art: Stan W. Decker

Our lyrics are mostly related to some personal experience or feeling. They may seem a bit dark or depressing at a glance, but the underlying message is usually about overcoming hardship, finding inspiration and finding your own light in the darkness. Classic power metal ideas!

I walk in endless circles around my room, reciting lyric ideas or singing melodies for a new piece of music, and it feels magical sometimes. Does that count?

I read about esoteric subjects and experiences every now and then. I like the metaphors and symbolism used there, and I believe you can find some very powerful ideas and inspirations hidden there. One book that I go back to often is The Kybalion. Of course, I try to remain open, but that is always easier said than done.

I think, in some way, music is cult-like worship. At least for those who really appreciate it and are intense about it. I don’t know how it started with me; I always liked music from an early age. A life-changing event: my first live show with my previous band Ecliptica. That was a very special night that I will always remember and keep close to my heart.

I feel that I need to be isolated from the outside world for long hours or even a few days to work on creating new music. Sometimes, if something is moving my spirit, I skip eating, sleeping and everything else until I get done with an idea.

I admire many people and keep present as role model in many different fields. Just to name a few that come to mind, I love reading books by Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins in the realms of science. Alan Menken and Hans Zimmer are great sources of inspiration in the world of music.

I think music can be both entertainment and a spiritual experience, making it so great. It can inspire, intensify good feelings or soothe the aching heart when needed. And so much more. Other times you may just need entertainment; music can provide that!

I like listening to anime soundtracks a lot; maybe that’s weird. Also, lately, I’ve been playing a lot of songs from the Wicked musical, some Dua Lipa and P!ATD. And, since I have some roots in hardcore punk, I am always listening to bands like AFI, NOFX and Asunto Pendiente.
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