Cthulhu Dreamt

Cthulhu Dreamt

Art: Henrik Rosenborg

The music for Precursor is introductory to a few of the musical themes and ideas explored further in the next chapter of the Cthulhu Dreamt project: the TTRPG. The songs run the gamut from death metal to choral arrangements, acoustic tracks, to electronic re-imaginings.

We like to plan the concept and then find the riffs we want to hone in on. Then we arrange the songs around the variations and take it from there.

Story first; that’s always our goal. Whether the song’s content is story-specific or more about the character’s feelings (and, by proxy, a feeling one of us has experienced), we keep it within the boundaries, which, admittedly, are pretty expansive.

Our releases have a different artist’s interpretation of Cthulhu in some settings. It is an analog to how different people might experience the other emotions we convey through the story. For Precursor, the brief to the artist was essential; Cthulhu awakens from his tomb. Mat Kaminski is one of our buddies and has done other stuff for us, and we’re glad he was willing to jump on board for the EP’s artwork. (Mat Kaminski – IG: @fablefactoryinked)

Metal was structured to rebel against those things in a society built to gatekeep (religion, authority, governments). It doesn’t feel as much anymore because so much of it has already been done, and being shocking doesn’t feel genuine. That may be why the metal family has so many sub-genres and few divisions.

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