The Buried Storm with Jayn Maiven
Front cover: Kathryn Pogue
Inner portraits: Ludvig Swärd/Forndom
Layout: Alexander Trinkl

Darkher was conceived as the sole brainchild and solo project of Northern English singer, guitarist and composer Jayn Maiven in 2012. The dark and melancholic yet massively heavy sound on the self-titled debut EP ‘Darkher’ (2013), combined with the distinct vocals of the shy pre-Raphaelite beauty, caused an audible buzz – particularly in the doom scene. It brought Darkher a quick record deal, which led to the following EP ‘The Kingdom Field’ and the first album ‘Realms’ appearing via Prophecy Productions.

With her sophomore full-length ‘The Buried Storm’, the guitarist, composer, lyricist, and producer has succeeded in improving the unique alchemic musical formula firmly established on Darkher’s debut album’ Realms’ in 2016. Her mostly eerie and, at times, even outright sinister sonic storytelling comes refined on every level and with sharpened contrasts that reflect the ongoing learning process of their creator.

It’s hard to describe something so close to me, but when I create it, it’s emotional, spiritual and cinematic in that it creates images and pictures in my mind which tie me to those emotions.

The new record was a very personal journey and quite challenging at times to create due to the emotions it not only evoked but healed. I mostly work alone, from the writing to the recording and mixing, so it took some time to make the record. Once the songs were written and the framework was recorded, guide parts were then sent to the guest musicians for each song, and they were recorded remotely and sent to me, mostly due to the restrictions of the pandemic at that time.

The lyrics are very personal and speak from a spiritual perspective. They are a meditation on Love, fear and finding a reconnection to the soul. The imagery of the natural landscape and Nature itself inspires emotions.

My connection is to Nature, I feel the presence of creation within the landscape, and I feel very in tune with the seasons and the Earth. It was never conscious, a progression that the music naturally fell into.

Music has deep connections and can be a spiritual experience bonding for humanity. I arise very early in the morning most days so that I can listen to the first bird of the dawn chorus begins the most beautiful symphony, and it puts into perspective that music can be the basis of deep communication and bring energies together or speak to the soul in ways that words alone sometimes cannot.

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