Defy the Curse

Defy the Curse

Horrors of Human Sacrifice with Defy the Curse
Art: Rafał Wechterowicz Art (insert): Szymon Siech

Crust-infested, blisteringly bone-crunching HM-2 death metal from the Lowlands! Former members of Collision, Cauterize, Inhume, The Guilt Parade, Mangled and Legion of the Damned reunited in 2016. All from well-known acts from the North Limburg region, they found each other in their “old love doesn’t rust” for crust-infested old-school Death Metal!

Raging buzzsaw guitars and raunchy vocals are spat out rapidly, mixed with a grooving rhythm section for maximum impact. Defy the Curse is suffocating in its grooves, rousing, and highly headbangable at its fastest.

Our music is best described as crust-infested old-school death metal. We are all big fans of old-school Death Metal with a crust vibe, so you get this when the four of us are writing songs.

Like many bands, we had to deal with the coronavirus and no rehearsals for a long time, but we managed to write a lot and took 12 songs that we thought were an excellent fit for a debut album. I take influences from all kinds of things, old school horror, video games, the news, and life… but most of all, the lyrics deal with horror and death. We used to take from all assets; some songs are pure fantasy or rock ‘n roll… and maybe a religious/cult lyric here and there.

It started with many people discovering loud guitars and energy, which I still like in heavy metal. I began with Guns n’ Roses, and it went to Grindcore pretty quickly. Visiting Dynamo Open Air when I was just 15 years old is still pretty magic for me. You can escape reality for sure. Got a shitty day, played loud music, etc. For me, it’s not a spiritual experience but art.
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