Depths of Hatred

Depths of Hatred

The album was already written and recorded before the restrictions, so it was not a problem, but we had to work via zoom with Christian Donaldson to finish it at the mixing stages. As far as conspiracy theories, flat earthers takes the whole cake.

Humans and life inspired us in general. Hate serves as motivation for a lot of people to do things they can’t justify otherwise. It’s a poison for humankind, and we thought it was an excellent general subject to base our initial concept on. As far as lyrics go, it was first based on the band’s name and more focused on the climate we live in but on the most recent stuff; it’s fictional storytelling.

From what I remember, I always loved metal. My older brother had some Iron Maiden cassettes, and I was obsessed with these album covers. I started to listen to thrash metal, prog and merged to death metal and deathcore later on. Before forming Depths Of Hatred, I played in many local bands and wanted to make music with no particular style in mind but wrote the music I liked, and voila! Everything you experience will influence your creativity. For me, it’s mostly travelling, seeing new places, meeting other musicians and seeing how they do it. Some people are very inspiring, and I try to learn something from them.

The passion we have for the whole thing. Making music and recording albums with friends, then travelling the world to play this music live, visiting places you never imagined and meeting incredible people is the best thing I could ask for. I smoke weed when I write music to keep myself focused. I need to be “in the zone” and not be distracted by anything. Also coffee!
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