Unveil in the Abyss by Tommi Grönqvist
Art: Tommi Grönqvist

Desecresy was formed in 2009 by Tommi Grönqvist (instruments/art) and Jarno Nurmi (vocals). After the first four albums – Arches of Entropy, The Doom Skeptron, Chasmic Transcendence and Stoic Death – Jarno left the band, and it became a solo project of Tommi, who went on to record albums The Mortal Horizon, Towards Nebulae and 2022 Unveil in the Abyss. There should be a new album coming out in late 2023.

Desecresy is death metal with down-tuned heaviness and a dark mood from mostly mid-tempo to fast-moving rapids and slow-down streams with occasional slightly time-obscuring rhythms. As a listener of metal, there is always something in my head that I would like to hear but has yet to exist. It usually represents itself only faintly. Music of Desecresy is my attempt to lure that something into existence.

The songs on Unveil in the Abyss were not planned to be released in an album form. Each piece was recorded individually and thrown into the Abyss of the internet. It was later, when Dave Rotten from Xtreem Music suggested releasing the songs, that it became an album. This is very different from the usual way of recording for Desecresy.

Lyrical topics deal with the ancient, unrevealed, cosmic themes and the unaware side of the mind. Often the lyrical ideas come hand in hand with the musical and visual ideas as they rise. As the musical ideas appear from some feeling coming to form, so do the visuals attached to those songs (the CD booklet contains illustrations of album tracks) and the lyrics. It is only sometimes possible to explain those sounds, words and visuals in any form other than what they already are.

There is no particular philosophy behind Desecresy, and it is not required from the listener either. I have nothing to teach or preach to anyone. Music and art should not be harnessed to send a message or promote some ideology to justify it. My philosophy ranges from stoicism to nihilism, depending on the day; I could be more consistent. I leave that stuff to actual philosophers.

The feel of threat metal in it lured me in. It did not follow the conventional music rules, making it a new and fascinating thing to delve into. Music can be a bridge into the inner world of the mind. People have always used music: working in sync, memorizing important things, scaring the enemy with drumming and noise, and togetherness through hymns and anthems. As humanity changes, it will forget some of the old and find new meanings to music and new ways to use it.
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