Diabolic Oath

Diabolic Oath

Aischrolatreia with Diabolic Oath
Art: Iconartistry

Diabolic Oath is a Portland, OR, Bestial Occult Metal trio. We play Bestial Occult Metal. This is the most sufficient way to describe what we offer. Sonically, it is quite feral, chaotic and heavy. That’sThat’s the goal, anyways. The music is a sonic expression and evolution towards the dark, esoteric, unknown and arcane. It is a ceremony of frenetic energies without allegiance.

Aischrolatreia is a worship of filth. These songs were written in tandem with our forthcoming yet-to-be-announced second full-length. Our creative process is highly collaborative. Some of these tracks were spawned from a few riffs cultivated together, others were developed by trying to strike a mood or feeling, and then the variations follow. One constant that we have noticed is that our lyrics always come last in our process. We focus on forging the riffs and sonic energies together before the words.

Our lyrics are the occult of the Bestial Occult Metal. For this release, we wanted to focus on filth and mire, the obscene, the grit and heinous, both sonically and narratively. A lot of the time, our lyrics are like broken scriptures or fragmented divinations. Akin to finding an ancient grimoire from a fire, we are chasing what is beyond our understanding.

Each one of us tends to bring something different to the table. Sometimes it is metaphysically focused; sometimes, it is more narratively forward. Thrones Before Slobbering Gods puts you in place describing things we want you to see and feel. Poisoned Bodies of Swine Imbuing is more of a ceremony. These inspirations come from our everyday life and the art we consume.

Unfortunately, to give each one of our stories would be impossible. We are three unique, multifaceted individuals from separate corners of the country. Let’sLet’s say drugs were involved. We certainly offer something closer to the spiritual. And in that, it brings us, and potentially others, closer to that intangible void realm. And that pursuit is profoundly personal and, by proxy, pretty, pretty, pretty-pretty meaningful. We’veWe’ve all been practising the craft of music for over half our lives at this point. We certainly aren’t doing it for the money. We are doing it for the riffs. And that would be true, but that would also be simplifying and demeaning a greater drive behind that. Riffs are the shit, and their craft is a vehicle for many other expressions that hinge closer to the spiritual.


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