Elegy of Madness

Elegy of Madness

The Elegy Of Madness is an Italian Symphonic Metal band founded in 2006 by Tony Tomasicchio. In the same year was released the first Promo ‘Another Path’ that melt together gothic and progressive genre, arousing a great interest as many reviews can show. After many gigs the band signed the first contract with ‘Sweet Poison Records’ in 2009 and recorded the first Full Length ‘The Bridge of Sighs’ promoted through media all over the world, live performance, radio and television broadcasting, attesting their symphonic metal vocation. In 2013 the Elegy Of Madness signed with WormHoleDeath / Aural Music / Dreamcell 11/ Warner Chappell. On May 2013 they recorded their second Full Length ‘Brave Dreams’ in the Real Sound Studio (Parma –Italy) mastered by Mike Jussila (Finnvox Studio Finland), broadcasted including a Japanese limited edition. On July 2014 they performed at Exit Festival (Novi Sad-Serbia) with Arkona, Sabaton, Skrillex and many other great artists.

Actually, they are releasing the third new album called ‘New Era’ signing again with WormHoleDeath label. New Era has been recorded at RealSound Studio (Parma, Italy), has been produced by Wahoomi Corvi, Cristian Coruzzi, Carlo Bellotti and Elegy of Madness. It has been mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid Studio (Montreal – Canada).

They are now planning ‘New Era Tour’.

HMA: Can you give us a tour of your music and what it represents to you?

Tony: Music is a translation of our feelings (love, anger etc.) transferred into sound. When the words aren’t able to explain what you feel, we use the musical magic.

Luca: Music is life, is a way to live, to live life better. Without music, life would be a mistake as Nietzsche said. Composing our music make us feel better, and we hope that listeners will share these emotions with us listening to our music.

Francesco: Music is one of the most used and powerful ways of communication since the human kind were born to express a wide range of feelings and situations of life, but also able to make abstract concepts tangible.

HMA: The journey that musicians and artists take in putting a record out can be a pleasant as well as a complex endeavour. What can you tell me about your latest release?

Anja: Writing, composing and recording an album is really an amazing experience. We have the fun of course but it’s also a hard adventure because of the sacrifices that you need to live to realize your dreams. New Era has been written by heart and represents our deep feelings and musical maturity.

Luca: It is really hard and it takes a lot of sacrifices, but when we know our fans or we read about their satisfaction in listening to our final product.. well.. this is the best present for us, one of the best emotions!

HMA: How did the writing work out? How do you work as a band?

Tony: I always thought that a band could be compared to a couple’s relationship: it is quite difficult to manage a band with five musicians. So life in a band can be characterized by joy and sorrow that, in our particular case, we have experienced in 11 years of activity. Fortunately, with the entrance of the new members, we have become much more stable and we are now in a special state of serenity.

HMA: Who made the cover and what directions were given to the artist/designer?

Anja: The cover has been designed by Pierre-Alain D./ 3mmi Design. There’s was no need to tell to this artist what we were thinking of because he understood us immediately and created something special.

HMA: Inspirations are always key to any creative individuals, in some artists is more obvious than others. What can you tell me about your inspirations, collectively as a band or just for you?

Anja: I take inspiration from books, life experiences and music of different kinds to write my lyrics or compose music.

Tony: Most of the time I do not need inspirations but it is the life that leads me from the face of events that deserve to be processed, positive or negative, in music.

Larry: inspiration is what allows me to translate feelings and knowledge into music and words; usually it comes easily but every time is a different magic…

Luca: Inspiration can be everywhere, music is everywhere, we only have to listen to it and let the music of our everyday life speak through our compositions, our words, our music.

Francesco: Each one of us is constantly bombarded by hundreds of experiences and subsequent feelings. Where is the artist’s greatness? The artist’s greatness is to grasp the meaning of these experiences, the inspiration, and transform it into something exceptional.

HMA: Do you have a set of principle that you like to use perhaps as routine or as a philosophy?

Luca: ‘Shoot down your limits and grow up from every experience’

HMA: If you ask yourself “why do I make music?” or “why do I create”? What would be the answer?

Anja: I make music because it’s a need. I love thinking that I can leave a trace in this world together with my band.

Tony: Music is the most powerful drug of the world. I think there’s nothing else to say.

Larry: I don’t know why I create but I know for sure that I can’t stop to doing it…it’s something that belongs to me…

Luca: “Making music make me live the life at 100 %, yes it complete my life”

Francesco: “Living live in the fast lane!!”

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