Evil In

Evil In

Art: Jois Cabe

It’s really about me being in a creative mode and alone, and it just comes to me. There are no rituals involved. I don’t have any fixations. Overall, I am a very spiritual person in my life and music.

Heavy music is an alternative type of music with a cult following. My experience of how I got into it started with Kiss when I was a child and fascinated with the band’s characters and sound, and then it branched off to hardcore punk and thrash movement. And it grew into Death Metal and modern metal, and here I am today. There is no one to explain it. It just comes to me, and I get lost in it.

I love all types of music, and many different figures inspire me in many different genres, and I pull ideas from many different people and places. Music is a spiritual experience for me and has been for as long as I can remember. Anyone who knows me knows how much music has influenced my life. I really like alternative music, post-punk, dark wave, new wave, acoustic, and folk music. There are so many artists I like within those genres that it is hard for me to narrow it down.

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