Fatal Switch

Fatal Switch

The new record has tons of heavy content. It’s filled with stories that are dramatic, captivating and engaging. It’s our take on a blend of heavy metal and hip hop with a theatrical twist that has tons of playback value to it. The release is written to the tunes of dark groovy riffs; our topics range from tales of aliens, demons, parallel dimensions, time travel, robots, superhumans and much more. It’s all about sweet hooks and complex fictions.

Our principles seem to be in perfecting what we create. I look at it a bit like sculpting. You can create a sculpture but refining that piece of art is how you can turn something that looks inanimate into something very life-like. Whether it’s the lyrics, arrangements or melodies, we have become very drawn to refining our songs until they take on a life of their own that lives inside our listener’s ears. And isn’t that the amazing part of creating art? To give life to something that can live on forever.

The songs vary in the topic; there is a dark theme throughout the record. Concepts of sci-fi, fantasy and horror are riddled throughout the tracks. A sense of facing fears and overcoming them as we find our way through a dystopian universe is also at play. This first album sets the stage for what’s to come in our future work. The story begins with a young woman named Sian, who runs away from home at a young age. She soon discovers she has dormant superpowers activated by an alter ego named Hyde. This first album is just an introduction to a very big adventure that awaits her.

Our concept encompasses such a vast array of characters; we wanted something that boiled down to the raw emotion of the record with a comic book feel to it. Our goal is to continue developing stories that intertwine with the songs. We felt that something colourful and yet monochrome seemed to be the best way to foreshadow future illustrations. The skull represents that deep inside; we are all just made of bones. Whether your intentions are good or bad, we all have to meet death eventually. It brought forth the theme of duality we have throughout the album, and that was the main point we got through to the artist in our brief. And I think she did a great job of capturing that.

I would have to say that metal is iconoclastic, and because of that it holds many dualities itself. It is a musical force that has positively changed so many people’s lives, yet it’s still viewed as a nefarious or evil genre by others. In my opinion, our perspectives typically stem from the vantage point in which we view them. Until you look at all the sides of a coin, how can you say what you are looking at? Metal has shaped, inspired and driven brothers and sisters to unite all over the globe, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. It keeps evolving and growing, and it will forever inspire us to keep writing music.

Thanks for giving us a chance to chat with you! Much love and noise!

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