Final Void

Final Void

Art: Jonne Suikkanen

Final Void was formed in 2012 as a continuation of the hard rock band called Rainy Season. The group began to develop their expression toward heavier melodic rock and metal. Our music is dark and ominous, which carries a feeling of impending doom and desperation and offers it with a melodically diverse and heavy platter. For us, music opens a path to study the darker side of the world and our feelings and aspirations.

In the lead of the guitarist Toni Hangasmäki, the group has refined our melodic and dynamic sound in our newest album, whilst during the process, we tried to make it sound like us but still fresh with new angles to our sound.

Lyrics are a mixture of very personal topics, with a combination of politics and secular and religious themes. I wouldn’t call it fixation, but in our music, we draw a lot of inspiration from secular, fantasy, and things happening around us.

Finnish people were indoctrinated into the heavy metal culture at a young age, and we were no exception due to the high concentration of metal all around us. As a group of friends, we have very diverse preferences regarding metal and rock music. It’s hard to pinpoint specific influences.

Music is very important to us, and the music carries a message from every culture and aspect of life, raises thoughts, and creates discussion in society.

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