Føes is the focus and outlet of all the negative stuff us guys can’t bury inside anymore. We’ve said before that it stands for different things to each of us, a common acronym we enjoy is fuck off eat shit. Simple but all-encompassing. Originally the name came from watching Willem Dafoe in a haunting movie called ‘Antichrist.’ The black and white film reveals Willems’ distinct jagged and brutal face with its use of light and shadow. Truly inspiring haha.

‘American Violence’ it’s not currently known as a nation at peace. Violence is fed to its citizens in every available media format and in large doses. The weight of a system that inherently failed us presses firmly onto the shoulders of we the people and it takes its toll. Since we typically have lyrical content based on how we’re feeling, the theme of American Violence is overall awesome on what we were going through mentally and what we saw happening around us during 2018-2019. Coincidently, the theme seems to fit right in with our current state of affairs.

My style I would say is playing with lots of power and feeling while trying to structure/tie interesting sections together with flowing transitions. When it came to recording, it was just honing in the rawness and polishing each song until we were satisfied. Luckily we were in our own time!

It’s kind of what comes out naturally. Blasting, punk beats, breakdowns and riffs galore is just what I’ve always been about since I picked up playing music. Never saw myself playing other styles outside of metal and definitely have similarities to the general themes of punk/grind in my personal philosophy.

We speak about it are not limited themes of mental illness, personal loss, failures of capitalism, propaganda in the media, trying to fit into moulds that we weren’t shaped for and how it all makes us feel when we confront these things. Our preoccupations are with what we’re going through as cogs in a much larger and flawed machine.

I like to think that I enjoy many forms of the dark art. To me, dark arts are the ugly things that the underground community loves. All the dirty, grime, nasty and real things that have beauty buried inside. If you’re into metal music, it’s not too far of a reach.
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