Joakim: I guess there’s no story behind this album.

Truls: It’s not a concept album. It’s just a collection of songs that we wrote during this particular time. That was special for because it was written during and right after we had split up. That was different I guess from how we wrote other songs. We also have a new drummer [Oskar Bergenheim] who influenced the sound and the direction of the music a lot.

Truls: A lot of our albums are pretty personal I think.

Joakim: I think so [laughs].

Truls: They all speak of personal matters a lot. ‘Lights Out’ [Third full-length album] had more of a bigger scoop, with politics and so on. This one and the last one [‘Innocence & Decadence’, 2015] have more personal themes.

Joakim: Yeah, I guess. What else is there to write about?

Truls: Sometimes I like to say the album is about us, and who we were at the time when we wrote it. It can’t really be much else [laughs]. Even though we didn’t write it to be specifically about us, somehow it always comes down to that.

Joakim: ’ve been waiting for the grunge to come back, so I think that’s the main thing. It feels like it’s time for that.

Truls: A grunge eruption [laughs].

Joakim: Yeah, more like the basics of music again. Not so much fuss and stuff around it, just the thing that people are playing.

Joakim: Not just as an artist, I mean you should be able to say what you think without expecting bad things to happen to you.

Truls: I also think you have a responsibility to think if you want to speak your mind. A little bit at least, before you say it.
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