Infera Bruo

Infera Bruo

Black Metal from New England. Formed in 2009 by members of the Boston and New England metal scenes who sought to create unique and epic blackened metal with a wide array of influences drawn from the diverse backgrounds of each member. Infera Bruo released their 3rd full-length September 7th 2018 on Prosthetic Records.

‘Cerement’ is a statement of our intent musically. We wanted to strip away the unnecessary elements in the band and get to the core of what we’re about. A dark yet listenable journey. This album is more focused than previous ones.

As with all of our albums, we did most of the work ourselves, something that can be very liberating though sometimes long-winded. Most of the music was preconceived by one person and then brought to the full band in demo form to rehearse. We recorded the drums and bass together to get a more live feel for the rhythm tracks, then put the vocals, etc. on top. most of the demo guitars and keys were used as well to keep the initial vibe intact.

Well, obviously there’s some heavy Lovecraft influence with the artwork and that song. Once you’ve read Lovecraft, it’s pretty hard not to incorporate it into your work if you’re in a metal band. Other influences that show up are more occult related. I’m always finding inspiration from art and books. The Lunar Pass is a direct reference to Moonchild, by Aleister Crowley.
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