Wasumit Wongwai: We kind of start with the album’s concept, what we would like our album to be as a final product. And then start writing the materials, majority guitars and bass and drums, then all come together, tweak here and there to fit our style. We always work this way, and it works best for us, jamming in the practice room to share opinions. It might take longer than the other ways, but this is our preference.

Pratchaya Phadungthin: Generally, the main Idea before we write the first song on this new record, we all agree to stop using “random riffs” during the jam session as much as possible. I do not prefer to start writing from drums only anymore. Mainly Wasumit and Jeeraset will come with some riffs, and we work together on them, breaking them down, putting some riffs between them or putting some experiment stuff, grooves etc. I think you might have heard that we are not inspired by only death metal, brutal death. Our influences mix extreme music, hardcore, deathcore, slamming, etc. So this makes almost every part come from three or four persons. And we start recording sessions with guitars and click tracks first before I start the drums session this time. We want to make sure 100% of our riffs speed is correct and right at the spot what we want you to hear.

Wasumit Wongwai: Lyrics are generally related to apocalypse, exterminations, humanity, celestial objects, cosmic, misanthropy and death. They are all the concepts we have used since our first album.

Pratchaya Phadungthin: I wrote seven songs on this record together with Wasumit, Basically based on what he said, But I do something a bit more complicated like DarkSouls style (Playstation RPG Game). It does not tell you from the beginning what is next, what is right or wrong. It’s not a story, It’s something like a piece of mystery, prophecy and you have to guess what it is. But after you read the full lyric, artwork, all ten tracks. Now you are in our universe, and you can imagine the whole story of what it’s about.

Wasumit Wongwai: We always set the number of songs we want to have in the album. When we are done with writing materials, it is time to record. But before we go to the studio, we tend to practice those songs quite a bit to make sure everyone is ready for the recording sessions. Starting with a guitar with click tracks, drums, bass, and vocals are the last. We just love to play and make music, specifically this genre, and that’s it. As a kid, I grew up with rock music, and then it gets even heavier and heavier in each period of my life, Nu Metal, Groove Metal, Thrash, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal and then Brutal Death Metal. The life-changing event should be BangCock Death Fest 2008, where I met this bands members, and they were searching for a bassist at that point, then I joined the band. Since then, I have been not only the audience/listener, but I am also a music creator.

Pratchaya Phadungthin: Good art on good music is a perfect combination. All of this makes a piece of art. We try to listen to some of the albums with the artists I mentioned before because of the artwork. But to be honest good art can bring you more attention, but good music will make the album be one of the histories forever even all of us die, but our music is forever.

Wasumit Wongwai: Music is peace. It makes people happy to the spiritual level, so I suppose it is a spiritual experience! Even you have a bad day that the people at your workplace pissed you off, just come back home and find your favourite album and enjoy. It should be a relief for you.

Pratchaya Phadungthin: It’s all about my passion. Life-changing – work changing – family changing – all can change, I don’t care, but my passion for this kind of Extreme music is still the same (but when you get older, it brings you some relaxed stuff like Opeth, Melodic Death/Black etc.)
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