HMA: Can you tell us about your backgrounds?

Toufik (Guitar) In terms of musical appreciation, we have the feeling we’d been listening to the same outstanding music for a long time. That’s what brought Khaima together in the first place, our love for music and musicians showing skill, sense of melody and complexity.

In terms of how we started the journey, I would say we all have pretty different experiences but one thing in common: We all began playing music in the teen years and went through different bands and genres all along the last decades till we met and formed Khaima in 2013.

HMA: How did your new record come together?

Jo (Bass): Most of the time, Toufik comes up with a riff or a theme, which the three of us then work on with bass and Drums until a song structure is created. Then the Vocals and Keyboards are added. In the studio, we worked on the final touches and incorporated some new ideas and tips from Mike, our producer.

HMA: Do you have any creative obsessions?

Toufik (Guitar): Creative obsessions: We are absolutely being obsessed with music. It is like diving into a book you just read, you accept it, you open your emotional pores to it, and not simply treat it as a dead, intellectual shit. You’re also, in a way, accepting it as part of your life… It’s imperative to be obsessed!

Routines: Music has taken a significant part in our daily routine, so we added a punch of motivation, ambition and drove to improve our goal cycle. We work on multiple ideas simultaneously since our songwriting process generally involves a lot of layering. This is probably for the best because we tend to get bored quickly if we work too long on one piece.

Passion: Our passion is a platform where music is not used to serve a purpose but where all the elements merely serve the purpose of music.

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