Kryn is a modern metal band from Croatia. Their music is a perfect blend of heavy riffs, melodic and dark atmospheric parts, and impressive vocal presentation. They have established themselves as a young and perspective band and pioneers of modern metal in their country and region, where they have already left an impressive mark with their energetic and powerful live performances, unique promo events, and playing at numerous European festivals. Kryn has a huge fan base across Europe, a huge following of listeners on Spotify, and their music is included in over 3000 playlists and widely listened to and shared on other major music platforms and radio stations worldwide. The band is currently independently working on their second album.

Our latest single is called The Deceiver. It was recorded in G.I.S. studio here in Rijeka, Croatia, under the supervision of our recording engineer Matej Zec, and mixed and mastered in collaboration with German Pitchback Studios. I don’t know how to describe our music style ☺ We like heavy sounding, groovy guitars and bass combined with a melodic, powerful, and emotional vocal presentation. I guess you can call it Modern Metal of some sort.

The title symbolizes deceit, dishonesty, and false virtues. I think we all had periods in our lives when we weren’t so proud of our actions, even though we were aware of them. This song critiques oneself for being that person, now left with a sting of regret. That being said, my own life inspired it, like pretty much every Kryn song.

That first time I heard heavy guitar distortion and aggressive vocals, I was hooked immediately. It just triggered something inside me and changed the course of my life. The band was Korn, back in the day.

Everyday life is my inspiration, even though I have always been drawn to the dark aspect. The struggle, the hurt. I lost both of my parents in a short period nine years ago, and that set a downward spiral for me mentally. It left a deep scar never to be healed and gave me the inspiration to write and let out all the pain. Those events changed me as a person.

When I’m in the zone, everything flows perfectly, but when I’m not…there is nothing. Nothing sounds ok and I just don’t have the will to write, which is also ok because all of that is a part of the creative process. You cannot force inspiration 🙂 Especially now with the Corona lockdown BS, nothing is happening, we cannot go anywhere, and we are tangled in our everyday job and life routine.

Our music revolves around the concept of the darker side of life, imbued with my/our personal experiences that are relatable and speak to our audiences in more ways than one. I write about my feelings, my pain, and my struggles. I find it a great outlet and a way to express myself and get rid of everything bottled up inside.

For now, we don’t have an album out yet. We are releasing singles, each represented with unique cover art. We’ve released three singles so far, Risset, Waters, and the already mentioned The Deceiver, and the fourth one is on its way, due to be released soon. The new album will be emotionally and lyrically dark, so we wanted the art to follow that as well. We decided to go with the black, grey, and dark red tones as a base for every cover art. We’ve sent the music and the lyrics to the artist, and he gave his unique vision and interpretation of the songs thru his art, which fitted perfectly and rounded the soundscape and the emotion of every song. The album will conceptually be made as a collection of the fragments from my life, each telling a different yet dark story.
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