Lucid Grave

Lucid Grave

Cosmic Mountain with Lucid Grave
Art: CLLK Artwork

Lucid Grave started in the underground scene of Copenhagen, Denmark. They formed in 2017. Over the years, they have played with Witch (US), The Gates of Slumber (US), High Priestess (US), Sacri Monti (US), Koleidobolt (FI), The Riven (S), and many more. They have released two cassette tapes, one EP-vinyl called ‘Goddess of Misery’. In 2021 they returned to the studio to record the single Surfer Bat – A upbeat 70’s heavy Rock/postpunk-inspired song! Italian record Label Electric Valley Records noticed their new single and immediately made a record deal with the band. They returned to the studio in early 2022 to record their first full-length album Cosmic Mountain, which hit the streets in July 2022.

Lucid Grave is a creative playground, we are five people, big music nerds, and we have played music for a long time. We don’t like to get bored, so we play with many genres in a mix of 70s, 80s and 90s rock. We feel comfortable in the far-out atmospheric space rock, the heaviness and the trance of heavy doom, and the emotions and drama in the eccentricity of goth. Then we also have a natural inner punk attitude that comes out here and there. It’s an outlead; it’s fun, and it makes life worth living, fuck it, man; the reality is that the patriarchy and most of the world fucking sucks. And playing in Lucid Grave helps a little bit.

‘Cosmic Mountain’ was made during the pandemic. We had just released our EP Goddess Of Misery, and suddenly, the entire world was shut down because of COVID, so we didn’t have the pleasure of touring with that album or playing any shows. Instead, we started rehearsals and came up with different ideas, melodies and guitar riffs – and we’re all into 70’s rock (Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, to name a few) and 80’s punk goth scene, so it was a lot of different ideas – and we began just jamming and rehearsing because we didn’t know when we would have the opportunity to play Live again. We all come from different backgrounds, but we connect by playing music, and it all seems natural to us. We recorded Cosmic Mountain at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen live in only three days, and a lot of people don’t quite get how we could do it in such a short time, but we did. We worked our asses off the entire weekend and are proud of what came out of it.

Its all-personal experiences and observations wrapped up in vampire horror symbolism. Our singer Malene lived in the desert of California for some years, and the harsh nature there has also been a big inspiration for her. Psychedelic drugs have helped her work on her different traumas in life. She has also been in a very toxic relationship, which is the inspiration for the song `Stay Away’ lyrics.

Not being fake is our philosophy. We all need all kinds of stuff and try to accommodate our differences. Our bass player, Alex makes super trippy and evil art on the side. Casper is a laser-disc collector and has a lot of vintage cult movies, the ‘super nerd’. Killer has many bands and his record label and collaborates with all kinds of genres of music. And Malene has her own Riot Girl festival in Copenhagen. So, we are some nerds hanging out and having fun.

We all started young in the heavy rock scene. Our bass player Alex was a young punk activist in our famous youth house here in Copenhagen. Malene had her first band where all the guys were ten years older than her, and they brainwashed her with all the old-school blues legends. And they also took her to many stoner rock concerts and a lot of Fu Manchu. Since we were young, all our friends were music and movie nerds, always searching for crazy bazaar things. Like Butthole Surfers, Primus, and Mr Bungle, yeah, man, that was fucking fun times.

If we didn’t have art and music, over half of the world would fucking kill themselves! Music is our favourite drug (and nature), and we would fucking do anything to get it.
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