Mankind Grief

Mankind Grief

Monarch with Mankind Grief
Art: Marc Agudo

Founded in 2014, Mankind Grief is an ‘Alien’ themed Deathcore band from Barcelona. The final result of the band resumes the influence of the Sci-Fi and Horror classics in movies, books, UFOʼs, etc., something noticeable in its lyrics.

We like to describe our music as something evolving inside deathcore as the band evolves, bringing violence and giving it our ‘electronic’ touch to make it unique. We like writing songs for deathcore, slam, and even electronic music fans. We have different tastes among the members, which gives the band a unique sound.

Working on our last album was difficult. We wanted to do something different, which is always difficult, but then we had covid and quarantine; it was really difficult in Spain, and we could not work together for a few months, greatly slowing the writing process. For this new album, we wanted the synths and electronic elements to be an important part of it, as important as a guitar can be.

Our passion for sci-fi movies, comics, video games, etc., is the main factor for making music and writing our lyrics; we are friends making music together and little nerds. We don’t have any fixation in general; we often like to put our favourite stuff into our music.

The band started in 2014, but the first album came a lot after because we’ve been searching for members with the same ambition and taste. It was difficult because great bands like Aversions Crown influenced us, but finding people who also liked this metal was difficult.

Everything starts as mere entertainment until it significantly influences your life. We all start as listeners before being musicians, and my past self would not believe what we are doing right now. It feels really good to do what you love.
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