In times when the majority tend to categorize music by coming up with the most bizarre tags and shoving it all the way through pigeon holes, Mentor’s blasphemous and straightforward emanation of heavy music’s essential traits appears like a spit in the face. Enforcing the idea of “sonic porn for those who like it fast and heavy”, ‘Cults, Crypts and Corpses’, Mentor’s sophomore full-length offering is a highly explosive cauldron merging the elements of black/thrash metal, hardcore punk and plain rock’n’roll.

“Cults, Crypts and Corpses” is our second LP and follows the same vibes we introduced on our debut effort – “Guts. Graves and Blasphemy” from 2016. The titles alone give a fairly good impression of what we’re going for – we play loud, fast and heavy music to bang your head to. Not a lot of philosophy behind it, just good old-fashioned, devil-worshipping, B-movie fun.

We like to work fast. We wrote most of the music for our second album in the course of two months and recorded it in a week, with an additional two days for vocals. We’re already working on some new stuff, too. Face it, we’re not getting younger and we got a good thing going on with Mentor so we want to exploit that as much as we can. As for the songs themselves, you can hear a lot of influences from bands ranging from Slayer to Sheer Terror or Cro-mags. Thrash, black metal, hardcore punk and all in between – that’s the kind of stuff we love.

As mentioned before, we were greatly inspired by album covers of 1980’s and 1990’s metal bands – Darkthrone and Slayer in particular but other ones as well. Then there are all the classic horror references we have in the lyrics, everything from “Dawn of the Dead” and “The Devil Rides Out” to “Pet Semetary”, “Children of the Corn” and many others. I’m sure these also have their impact on our artwork.
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