Art: James McCarthy

When writing music, we’re only stuck to the riffs and the atmosphere we want to create. Strict philosophies can be a limiting condition in life; they don’t let you 100% appreciate all the shades of this world.

We mostly started out of curiosity and because we were attracted to this music style that was so different from what we listened to everywhere at that time. Our parents introduced us to classic rock and 80s music in general, so we probably had this in our DNA. We didn’t have a life-changing event, but in general, when you go to your first local gigs, you are amazed when many people listen to albums you thought you were the only one to know them.

We have no vices in particular, we are all a volcano in the continuous eruption of ideas, and luckily the inspiration always comes by itself. Riffs never let you sleep peacefully.

Music is the sum of both entertainment and spiritual experience, but, as Miscreance, it’s something that also has a connection with our friends; it’s like the language we use to express it to ourselves and others.

It may not surprise the most, but we worship (jointly or individually) Rush, The Alan Parsons Project, The Police, Depeche Mode, Vangelis, Living Colour, The Bangles, Alice in Chains, and NWA.

Thank you, Heavy Music Artwork, and to everyone who made it to the bottom of this interview, we remind you that you can follow us on our social channels and on Bandcamp, where you can listen to our music and buy our merch, below are the links!

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