Art: Lucas Korte

Any creative rituals? Usually just fire up a bowl/crack open a beer, and listen to other bands we enjoy. It’s not unusual for us to get nice and ripped before jamming out new ideas. However, that’s not to say it’s necessary. Otherwise no ‘rituals’, really; we usually show up to weekly practice and work out new ideas together. I write much of the material, but everyone’s input usually turns it into something even better imagined. Especially now with the lineup we have.

Life philosophies? Not really, just the cliche of trying to ‘be a good person’; of course, easier said than done. As far as philosophical fixation in our music? Yes and no. Most of our music/lyrics fall under the fantasy category, specifically about horror or gore. However, my general disdain for the human experience occasionally seeps its way into the fold. Better here than in real life, right?

Is metal a cult worship? You could make that argument. It’s something people, ourselves included, are very passionate about. Albeit, sometimes to a fault. I’ve pledged my allegiance to the ‘world of metal’ and haven’t looked back since. My passion for it personally started as a child. I was fortunate enough to have cool parents that were into heavier music, specifically my Dad. He had me watch Combat’s ‘Ultimate Revenge’ featuring Venom, Slayer, and Exodus. This very video opened the floodgates and immersed me into the world of heavy metal. Beginning with the likes of ‘Hell Awaits’ and ‘Bonded By Blood’, I was hooked. I’m fortunate enough to be a part of something I’ve always idolised and loved. It’s very special to me to be within the ranks of classic bands/albums I grew up admiring.

Weed, horror flicks, and my tape collection are ‘musts’ for inspiring me to write new music. I write whole songs in my head, but those ideas evolve with the band’s input. However, I obsess over writing riffs- that, in my eyes, don’t suck. I’ve thrown away countless new ideas because they still need to hit that parameter. That said, I’m over-obsessed with trying to write ‘quality’ music that I don’t think blows. As far as obsessive creative behaviours go, my desire to overanalyse my writing is up there.

I’m into a lot of assorted music from the 70s/80s/90s, but I don’t aspire to be like any of the artists outside of metal within that context. It may indirectly influence my writing, but nothing is intentional there. As far as people that have directly affected me within the genre, there are too many to count. But to name a few people who have mentored me and given me an example to live by are; Tom Knizner (Cardiac Arrest), Scott Carroll (Cianide), Brad Buldak (Morgue), and Mark Sawickis (Impetigo).

Music it’s important because it’s a wonderful creative outlet. As far as whether it’s a spiritual connection or mere entertainment? It’s a blended mix of both. We all connect individually, but ultimately, the music captivates you. Why is it captivating? Well, merely because it is entertaining, but also because it strikes certain chords with all types of people.

Just a nerd who only cares about metal. I enjoy different stuff here and there, but nothing notable or worth mentioning.
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