We chose this moniker as the wretch can be seen as the hideous form of life of this world, our name and our music had to be as well. There is also a strong biblical interpretation about the wretch itself; therefore, our music is also led by spiritual messages.

One can perceive this title ‘The Ones from Hell’ from different ways. ‘The Ones From Hell’ can be the death’s messengers related in our lyrics, it can be the members of Necrowretch themselves, as well as the fans of its entity. ‘The Ones From Hell’ is about us all.

‘The Ones From Hell’ leads our way to new musical paths we didn’t dare to explore before. The essence is still somewhere between black and death metal, but the primary purpose is more about evil and satanism, and there is nothing related to old school death metal anymore. A new album is always a challenge to beat the previous ones and should never be a copy of itself. Therefore our new album is very personal and unique compared to the other ones. The Ones From Hell is not only about speed tempo and classic tremolo riffs. Each song has very particular songwriting to be connected to the rest of the album ambience. There is slow tempo almost doom songs and fucking fast hellfire blast beat songs, acoustic parts, instrumental. I invite you to listen to the album as a whole to discover all its mysteries.

​Extreme metal is a place where you can craft music with absolutely no boundaries; it’s a place where you can express all the hate that lies inside us. It’s like a mass shooting but the artistic way. It’s also an invitation to think by yourself regardless of your kind or your origin. Don’t care about what people can say; just act for yourself.

I see the dark arts as a space where everything can be done to turn hate, despair, lust, Satanism, evil to an art form. Some black metal albums do not deal with dark arts topics and put out some great music regardless. The point is more about the feeling that you want to express, the infernal journey where the listener will be dragged, and the scars that he will keep from it.
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