New Skeletal Faces

New Skeletal Faces

Sextinction by Errol

Chaining together the most potent aspects of various influences from the darkest catacombs of rock and roll and the occult, New Skeletal Faces create their own unique, aggressive sound and experience. Live, New Skeletal Faces lead a powerful ritual, compelling the gathering to submit to their nefarious, uncompromising, high-energy live experience, which sets them apart.

Our music is dark, intense, and atmospheric. It’s hard for me to describe. When someone asks, I say, ‘dark punk metal’. The music we play is how we feel inside. It’s sorcery and destruction from another world. We’re not trying to replicate genres weakly. It’s the music we want to hear because few bands are doing it like us.

‘Sextinction’ is a two-song EP. It’s self-released and self-produced. We recorded, mixed, and mastered it all ourselves. Each record comes with an obi-strip on which we hand-numbered and wax-stamped our logo.

Everything we do is DIY at this point. Regarding the writing process, I (Errol) composed both songs for the most part. Then Don and KRO did their thing, adding on their vibes.

Most of the time, the lyrics are a stream of consciousness. At least, that’s how it starts. I don’t try to make a song about something. The song’s theme is created during the writing process or after the song is done, most of the time left to one’s interpretation. I don’t write stories; I approach them like an abstract painting by creating imagery with words. To be blunt, I hate humanity and want the world to end. So you’ll see a lot of those themes. I (Errol) did the artwork for ‘Sextinction’. It’s a giant face swallowing earth. It gives the feeling of an unworldly Armageddon. I grew up hearing heavy music. But I went to further into extremer territories. Kettle Cadaver’s “A Taste of Blood” was pretty life-changing. I like fucked up shit like that. You know, stuff that’s only for some.
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