Look At Me Now with Novacrow

Formed in late 2013, a dark and delicious alternative metal band from Liverpool, England. Novacrow is Formed of Kitty Staunton on lead vocals/guitar, Federico “Freddy” Spera on bass/backing vocals and Jonyx on guitars/backing vocals. Infamous for their extremely high-energy live sets, Novacrow delivers wild stage shows, filthy riffs and soaring vocals.

2022 has seen Novacrow’s triumphant return from lockdown. They won Merseyside’s Metal to the Masses 2022, performed at Hard Rock Hell Ibiza, Liverpool Tattoo Convention and Bloodstock 2022, and have released their debut album ‘Look At Me Now’.

We are Novacrow, an alternative metal band based in Liverpool, UK. Since our inception in 2013, we have released two EPs, various singles + b-sides, seven music videos, and a compilation CD, and our debut album was just released earlier this year. We made appearances at various major festivals, including Metal Days in 2017, Winter Days of Metal in 2018, Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza in 2022, and we performed at this year’s edition of Bloodstock Open Air festival.

Our latest release is our debut album, ‘Look At Me Now’, an album born of love and strife. We began writing it shortly after the worldwide pandemic, and so recording kept being postponed due to the various lockdowns throughout the following year or so. Having a project such as this to work on while in isolation definitely helped us keep our collective sanity, but at the same time, nobody was in a great place around then (mentally speaking), so a lot of darkness went into the album.

The process for writing this album was mainly Freddy and Kitty sending demo sessions to each other. Each demo would bounce back and forth a bit, and then Freddy would finish each one with some rearrangements and production tricks until the band was happy with them. It feels detached in some cases because everyone works independently (except for providing each other with some feedback), but it’s a process that worked well for us.

We used Sophie Kurs Art, an artist based here in Liverpool. We met once in person just to give her some vague ideas of what we would have liked to see, but we mostly left it up to her to come up with some designs. We had no idea what we wanted, but we largely knew what we didn’t wish to, and we just let her take over. Fortunately, she did a spectacular job, and the artwork perfectly encapsulates the album!

You can find her work here: Sophie Kurs Art

We can find inspiration from the weirdest of places. Some of our songs are inspired by our own mental health, horror stories inspire others, and some are even inspired by Freddy’s weird nightmares he has all the time. We don’t like to limit ourselves when it comes to songwriting, so we take inspiration from anywhere we can get it and roll with it.

We try and stay clear of publicizing our opinions on these things simply because: we don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about. So rather than run the risk of spreading misinformation or otherwise negatively influencing anybody, we prefer not to indulge. And that’s similar to what we think of free speech: just because you have the right to say whatever you want doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
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