Old Man Wizard

Old Man Wizard

‘Blame It All In Sorcery’ is about a lot of things. Some of the songs are about fictional characters, and some of them are written about real experiences. There’s definitely a little bit of unifying thematic content. Lots of songs with bits about distrust of beliefs and traditions, and the dangers of blind belief. I feel that belief is the single most dangerous thing in the world. It is the state of mind that has contributed to every war in history. True belief in nothing can be as dangerous as true belief in something, though. We need to have the conviction to believe in the things that are clear to us but remain willing to change those beliefs when presented with sufficient evidence that they are false.

A couple of the songs are a bit personal, but most of the album is rooted in fantasy, so that’s only personal because we like it, not because it’s about things that actually happened to us. This would have been a really easy album not to do, however, so the fact that we even completed the project shows that it means a lot to us.

Genre-hopping/blending. There are a few people in pop, EDM, rap, and more bizarre genres who are doing some pretty creative stuff with metal (a few obvious examples are Babymetal, Sullivan King, Ghostemane, Rainbowdragoneyes, even my old band The Dread Crew of Oddwood, and that’s really the kind of thing that’ll keep kids interested enough to delve deeper and find the classics and more traditional metal. I’d say we’re on the tamer side of genre blending, but a lot of the other stuff I’ve heard lately is using metal as a flavour in another style of music, so I guess it’s just closer to the genre they’re blending with than it is to metal. Metal is about the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want, but also to be willing to stand up to the consequences of doing that. These days the consequences of being original usually only involve posers talking shit about how your music doesn’t conform enough, which isn’t a big deal to me. There’s still plenty of room for bands to do stuff the old fashioned way and stand out, but the way I see people talking shit about good musicians doing something different is usually nothing more than a sign of immaturity and lack of self-confidence.

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