Overdrivers plays an authentic and pure hard rock… A true stage presence, huge energy mixed with a wall of decibels! We play a rock’n’roll which goes back to basics, with a lot of energy, and with some Australian influences. Our latest release is our first album ‘Rockin’Hell’. We wanted to make an album and not an EP because we had enough compositions to do it. It was two years ago, and right now we’re excited because we’re going to release a new album, called ‘She’s On Her Period’, in few months! For the writing process, it’s Adrien and Anthony (rhythm guitar/singer and lead guitar), who find a guitar riff to start. They create the instrumental parts first; then they try to find the melody. To finish, they put some lyrics on it. Rock’n’roll is music that you must be played with your guts and your heart, which is not the case for many bands today, all styles confused.

We often talk about parties, girls, atypical and original people that we met everywhere, with a lot of self-mockery, so no headaches! For the visual of the first album, the group is represented in hell, ready to start a gig for the Devil. We loved the idea and the artist Hugues Creton realised it. Well, any of us believe in different things, Adrien believes in chicks, Sebastian believes in beer, Anthony believes in Cola, and Florian believes in Pasta.

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