Power from Hell

Power from Hell

The Power From Hell started in the early 2000s at first with the proposal that just releases records like the main influence of the band the “Bathory” and was like this for the next 10 years releasing some cult albums like ’The True Metal’ and ‘Sadismo’ , the band started to be known worldwide when in 2012 Fenriz from Darkthrone appeared wearing a shirt from The True Metal album and started to quote the band in many interviews.

So in 2014 ten years after The True Metal album the band did your first show in Colombia playing for over a thousand people there , the band did 3 tours in the United States in 2016 and 2018 and some gigs in countries of the Latin America and South America playing beside of great bands like Incantation , Toxic Holocaust, Belphegor, Nargaroth, Archgoat, Profanatica, etc… the band released in late 2017 ‘Blood N’ Spikes’ an EP that contains 5 new songs including an official music video for the song ‘Hell’s GangBang’ and an interesting cover song to “Freewheel Burning” from Judas Priest.

The new EP was released by Soul Erazer records from Brazil and the Vinyl version by Dying Victims Productions from Germany , the last album “Devil’s Whorehouse was released by the cult underground label Hell’s Headbangers from U.S.A , the next album come out between June/July of this year release worldwide by High Roller Records.


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