With the intent of bringing together technical thrash metal and gritty groove riffs, Revenger was born in 2012 through the hands of guitarist Jean-Pierre Poulin and drummer Chris Warunki. Their first independent album ‘To the Wolves’ came out in September 2014 with Jordan Knute (lead guitar), Greg Cavanagh (vocals) and Darryl Greer (bass). In early 2015, Revenger’s lineup evolved to include Julia Geaman (drums) and Andrew Bailey (vocals). The following year was largely focused on woodshedding, playing local and regional shows/festivals alongside renowned bands such as Havok, Beyond Creation, Tengger Cavalry, Stryker and Unleash the Archers.

2016 saw the introduction of Sean Parkinson on guitar (replacing Jordan Knute), and the interesting switch from guitar to bass for founder and main songwriter JP Poulin. Their EP ‘The New Mythology Vol.1’ was released on Feb 17th, 2018 and are currently on tour through Canada.

I think the first thing that I think about when I think about our style is something of a hybrid, old school and new school. I would say we are a thrash band heavily influenced by what we listen or listened to like Megadeth and Pantera, but we have a modern sound that is hard to define, maybe because we are still finding our identity or refining how we express it. We are only guitar, bass, drums and vocals so our sound is very loud and bass heavy.

I don’t know if I would say we have principles. We discover it as we go. To me, it’s important that we all agree on everything and the vibe is right, maybe with more experience, we will develop principles and know the best way of creating music together.

We start with the artist of course. Someone that we like and then we reach out and see if they are cool to work with. Again, we just want the people we work with to have a cool vibe, and of course be good at what they do. If the energy and rapport are strong, it always seems to work out exceptionally.

So far it has always started with a riff on guitar or bass, usually with JP Poulin (Bass). I take the track, play them over and on my own, learn the rhythms, then we get together and see if something different happens when we jam. We have free jammed and come up with some ideas that way too.

In the studio, we have to be quick and know exactly what we are doing. I love being in the studio and solidifying all the hard work.
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