Art: Paolo Puppo

Within the band, we are all practising agnostic atheists. We don’t believe in God or Satan. Life itself is constant waves between two phases: happiness and sorrow. No artist would write, paint or compose anything during the stage of happiness.

I can talk about myself: I’m a ‘fatalist’: it’s not that I don’t try my best to fix problems, but I try not to stress too much over something that has no solution at all. If there is a solution, why bother, and if there’s no solution, why bother?

Since I do not worship any metaphysical entity, music is the closest thing to religiosity and spirituality for an agnostic atheist like me. I’m not talking about metal music, but about music in general. The person closest to my idea of God is Johann Sebastian Bach. I started studying classical guitar when I was a child, but honestly, I don’t remember why. I remember that, since then, I knew my life would be all about music.

There’s no rule for being creative. Sometimes, you have to be creative just to survive! Like during the Spring of 2020: if I were not involved in the creative process for the new Sadist album, locked in the house for the Covid Lockdown, I would indeed have gone mad!

I am fascinated by those artists who manage to be successful without selling their soul to the Market: I’m thinking about Bjork, or Lisa Gerrard, to name a few, or, talking about metal music, Voivod!

Music is the most common universal language for humanity. Through music, you can express inner feelings, and hopefully, somewhere in time, somebody is going to understand them! Indeed, music is a form of entertainment as well, and most of the music out there is pure entertainment. But, if you are a musician, you must try to write music to get in touch with other souls, no matter what you feel like communicating. There’s so much great music out there; most of it does not belong to the mainstream! You have to go back to digging beneath the surface.
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